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London: Shoreditch

My favourite part of London: Shoreditch. After you’ve finished browsing this entire post, you’ll notice this wasn’t taken only in one day. I went here a couple of times just because it’s too pretty to see only once. Shoreditch is at the East End of London and modern Central London. Apparently it’s the artsy side of London. You’ll see so many jaw-dropping street art- all their graffiti walls are just wow. I’ll let the photos do the taking but seriously, it’s a piece of art.

With my London crew and friends: Raymond Santiago, Nix Alanon, CJ Cruz, my sister Liz, me, Richard and Raymond Gutierrez. Champ was taking the picture.

Literally, every street has a wall filled with graffiti. I literally walked for an hour (or more) and I couldn’t stop taking photos. I am in love with Shoreditch.

I also saw the tiniest car I’ve seen my whole life. After spending a few days in London, it became pretty normal to see this type of car around the streets. I want one!

I know the background looks rugged, but for me, it’s such a beautiful mess.

All eyes on me!

Thankful I brought my Sony Xperia Z2 with me. I don’t have all the time to keep using my camera with wifi because I’m always on the go, so a quick snap using this camera and its built-in apps are just awesome. I can instantly post it on Instagram for you guys to see!

Outdoor movie theatre where you can just buy a few drinks and chill here while everyone stares at you har har. Kidding aside, it’s such a nice concept though!

My forever favourite photographer, Champ! Thank you for taking all my lovely photos in London. Youda best!

The best hot salt beef bagel I’ve ever tasted my entire life- I’m not even kidding. Forgive me, I don’t remember the street name but I know it’s just in this area. You HAVE to try it!

Look at me impatiently waiting to get my own hot salt beef bagel!

We stopped over Loung Lover, a posh cocktail bar in Whitby Street. They have a lot of yummy drinks and bottomless popcorn!

Again, I am in love with Shoreditch. It’s such a unique district in London. More travel photos soon. BMS.

Photos by: me and Spike

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