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London: Portobello/ Oxford Circus

Are you ready to see almost 40 photos of my first day in London? I hope you are! Editing and arranging these photos made me want to go back there again. Honestly, this is one unforgettable trip, not only because I was with good company but because I learned so much in this trip. Right when we arrived, we went straight to our apartment in Knightbridge so we can settle down and rest. This is the view from our apartment. I fell in love with this view the minute I saw it.

It was my first time in London so I was pretty amazed by all the brick walls I saw. It’s really unique!

Our first destination: Portobello Market. It’s located in West London and is a very most famous street market for tourists and Londoners. The place is also known for having colourful buildings and walls. It was a Sunday and we went there in the morning that’s why there weren’t many people yet. Here you’ll see a lot of shops and restaurants (I got to buy plenty of fedora hats here! Woot!).

You can score a lot of souvenir items here to bring home for your friends and loved ones.

Portobello Market has a mix of vintage and modern shops.

My second most favourite dessert: crepe. Waffles come first but these Portobello crepes are just amazing. I always order banana and nutella crepe. I ate it almost everyday during my trip to London (no wonder I gained weight). Actually, these are crepe stalls in every corner so you don’t have to worry about looking for it.

With my sister Liz, Nix Alanon and Raymond Santiago. I did nothing but laugh the entire trip because of them!

We also passed by Portobello Green Market that’s at the end of the road. They’re only open during Friday-Sunday and they sell tons of vintage and fashion finds. Love these vintage records.

Each stall had a theme and a lot of them sell unique pieces.

I wanted to buy these John Lennon-ish glasses but they didn’t suit me well. These sunnies made me look like a hippie!

They also use bikes as props. How cute is this arrangement? It really made me stop and stare at it for a minute or so. Now that I’ve moving to my new place I’ve become so aware of decorations everywhere!

Portobello Market is such a cool area. Everywhere I look is just amazing and even everything they sell looks cool and picture-worthy.

I also noticed that there are a lot of street performers in London. Champ always makes sure to give tip before taking a photo of them because he says we should give credit to their talent.

Portobello Road goes straight through the heart of Notting Hill, and I’m sure most of you have watched the famous movie of Julia Roberts titled “Notting Hill”. So what did a tourist like me do? I went to look for the famous blue door and found it!

Not only that, I saw the famous Notting Hill book store too! It seriously took me around 20 minutes to look for this place but it was worth it!

Next stop: Oxford Circus. It’s a really busy street of Oxford street and Regent street. I’m sure you can tell just by looking at this photo. At the busiest times, over 40,000 pedestrians per hour pass through this junction including those accessing the London underground pass. Cool right?

It’s also a famous area to go shopping, and they have the biggest Topshop store in the world. I went wild when I went inside the shop! They have five floors and they also have consignees in some areas of their shop.

They also have a DJ by the entrance spinning during weekends to make the crowd more lively. They even have a frozen yoghurt stall inside! Say whut!!!

They also have a cupcake corner and a salon at the basement floor. I’m pretty sure this is not just a store, it’s a department store haha!

Another shop I love and that you need to go to when you’re on London: Liberty. It’s a chic department store located at Regent Street.

They sell tons of luxury items like jewellery, accessories, women’s and men’s clothing, stationary, home decorations and gifts. Basically everything! Liberty is known for its floral and graphic prints.

Next stop: Carnaby street. It’s also a famous shopping street and is already located in the Soho district (still near regent street) and is also very close to Liberty.

I saw so many unique shops in this strip, including this store that sold out-of-this-world designed sneakers!

They also have a lot of restaurants and pubs here so we sat down to have a drink. The weather becomes intensely hot in the afternoon so we decided to just chill and rest for awhile.

More travel photos soon! Special thanks to Prime App for making this trip possible! I’ll tell you more about them on my next few posts. BMS.

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