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London: Gaultier Exhibit/ Covent Garden

London Day 4. After class, we went to visit Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibit in Barbican. If you love fashion, you’ll have to be crazy not to know Jean Paul Gaultier. He’s a very famous French fashion designer. He first started as an assistant of Pierre Cardin and eventually started his own label where he became iconic and looked up to. His avant-garde fashion have continually reflected the issues of multicultural society. So now I’m welcoming you to the his fashion world where you’ll see a lot of haute couture pieces and inspiring designs.

Hi Jean Paul Gaultier! Okay, it’s not really him, but I love how a lot of his mannequins have projected faces so it looks a bit scary and wonderful at the same time.

Such intricate details!

In the middle of the room, there was a catwalk and the mannequins were rotating like it was walking the runway. Spell cool.

I would totally wear this denim jacket. I love the overall look! If only I can wear accessories that heavy without breaking my neck. Haha!

I love this metallic brocade tuxedo suit. This was from his Punk Cancan collection last spring/ summer 2011.

Tartan madness.

Dita Von Teese wearing Jean Paul Gaultier’s gown from The Hussars collection, autumn/ winter 2002-03. She also shared how she loved JPG’s designs when she was as young as 17 years old.

This is the iconic corset Madonna wore for the Blonde Ambition world tour.

Being inside Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibit is just so breathtaking. Everything is so inspiring, especially if you live and breathe fashion.

”You are a true designer when people recognise your work without even looking at the label. This is the case for Jean Paul Gaultier.” – Pierre Cardin. His boudoirs are very iconic.

His designs are simply amazing, ravishing and very conceptual at the same time. That’s his magic.

I was so thankful I was with a bunch of fashion addicts as well because we all appreciated Jean Paul Gaultier’s work of art.

Next up: Covent Garden. This wasn’t taken on the same day, but I figured it would be better if I post it today too!

Covent Garden is another famous tourist destination in West End London. They used to be fruit and vegetable market but now it’s also famous for shopping.

When you go out of the tube station, you’ll already see a lot of street acts and shops. Look at this guy floating!

If you want to see a lot circus plays and performances, they have it here as well!

Anybody hungry?

The Jubilee Market Hall is beside the Apple Market and they have a lot of affordable items!

The famous apple market. Here you’ll see a lot of unique items. Most of the owners don’t allow people to take photos of their items so no one can duplicate it.

Raymond and I also got out hair dyed in Covent Garden.

Covent Garden is such a beautiful place. There are so many beautiful sights to see and the best part? There’s Shake Shack! Haha. I wasn’t able to include it in my photo diary because I was too busy falling in line and deciding what to order. Anyway, if it’s your first time to visit in London, you have to go here. BMS.

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