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London: CSM x Prime App

Studying at Central Saint Martins is really an experience. If you haven’t seen my first blog post about it yet, you can check it out HERE. They say when you’re a student, you always want to graduate right away so you can be independent and work, but when you’re actually working already, all you ever want to do is just reverse the time and study again. How ironic, right? At CSM, I’ve noticed that it’s a mix of people- young and old, asians and caucasians, etc but we all have one thing in common: we all want to learn something new. I love the environment there because everyone is just so friendly and striving to be the best they can be. Aside from their fantastic courses, they also have a lot of areas where you can chill. I love the food trucks during lunch time that are parked right outside our school so if you’re tired of the cafeteria food, you have other options. I also became friends with a lot of my classmates and sharing stories with them are so inspiring. After finals, I got my certificate and wow, it felt great! Thank you so much Prime App for making this happen. To my readers, if ever you want to study or intern abroad someday, they are the best team to go to. Everything about Prime App is awesome- they have the best (and friendliest) people, they do everything very organized, they always make sure you get what you want and they’ll help you get the perfect course/internship that’s fit for your personality.

Check out Prime App’s website for more information about their services.

Check out Central Saint Martins’ short courses HERE.

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