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London: Central Saint Martins

Liz and I were inseparable in London. We literally did everything together, and this also applied when we studied at Central Saint Martins (CSM). Aside from touring, shopping and trying all the yummy food in London (which I truly enjoyed), the main reason why we went there is because we wanted to study again. This is what I’ve learned throughout the years I’ve been working in the industry, you always have to keep learning. When you stop learning, you stop growing (and this also applies to everyone, whether you’re in a different industry or whatever your age is right now). We always need to learn something new because it refreshes our minds and it can definitely help us have a different outlook in life. I wanted to study again because I believe that education is very important and even if we’re in our mid 20s, or 30s, it’s never too old to study. So I am sharing you what I did during the time I took a short course at CSM.

Raymond Gutierrez took two short courses while Liz and I took only one. We studied Branding: Designing Your Identity. It was a very “kilig” moment for me! I was so excited to study and learn new things.

How classy is our cafeteria!

Non-students can only go up to here. You need to have an student id upon entering.

I’m really thankful Prime App helped arrange everything for us. To be honest, my sister and I are super busy and we couldn’t find the time to do all the requirements, so I’m happy Prime App helped us. For those of you who might have missed my blog post about them, you can read it HERE. Anyway, they’re an educational/internship travel agency who can help assist you and give you options on where you can study depending on the course/internship you want to take. Some people say it’s really hard to get in certain schools, and that’s where Prime App is best at- they’ll be the one to talk to the school for you! They already have about 160+ partnered universities so it’ll be easier for their clients to study again.

I guess this course is about haircutting? or hairstyles?

Lunch time! Their cafeteria is so cute- they have different stalls and after you’ve chose what you want, you can just pay at the counter that’s on another side of the room. Apparently they don’t have trust issues there haha.

After lunch, we went to the library for our first assignment: Choose a brand you like that has a witty logo, do research and explain why you like it. The hard part? No internet allowed. You’re only supposed to use books. It was a bit challenging but I loved the exercise. It was like living in the 1990s when you still have to go to the library when you have to do research.

I presented the brand Happy Pills. It started in Barcelona and it’s a candy shop. Feel free to google this brand and find out why I find this brand so smart.

For our second/third day, we were tasked to do a mood board on our inspirations and other blogs. Here’s what I did.

Browsing Nicole Warne’s blog. I just love her!

Every after class, it’s always fun to catch up and discuss what we’ve learned so we know there’s progression. I really enjoyed taking up a short course at CSM. Some courses are only a week short and you’ll be surprised- you’ll really learn so much. BMS.

To check out Central Saint Martins’ available college courses, please click HERE.

To inquire about Prime App’s services, please click HERE.

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