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London: Borough Market/ Camden Town

Warning: You will see a lot of delicious, mouth-watering food photos in a bit. Yes, I’m posting more yummy pictures just in case you weren’t satisfied yet with my Brick Lane Market shots. We went to Borough Market on a Sunday and everything about this place is amazing. One of my favourite things to do in London is to go to different markets and eat. Eat, eat and eat. No wonder I gained so many pounds after this trip!

Borough Market is located in Southwark, Central London and is one of the largest and oldest food markets there! This is the first stall I saw upon entering the marketplace.

Superior quality meat. Everyone was trying to get a picture of this girl cutting meat. Isn’t she gorgeous?

All the flower arrangements in London are beautiful! Every time I see a flower shop, I just have to stop and go inside and take photos.

Loved the caption of the brownie, “naughty brownie”. So sad it got cropped out.

Different kinds of mustards and dips. I literally tried them all!

Some people go there to buy food for lunch or dinner while some prefer munching on something while roaming around the market. Here are some ready-to-eat sliced fruits.

What goes well with bread?

CHEESE!!!!!!!! I love cheese, especially with crackers. Nom nom nom.

I couldn’t decide what to try first! Everything looked appetizing.

Borough Market is really a famous market both for tourists and locals. The food are more affordable and it’s yummy too! Look at the crowd!

So I’m a sucker for sweets and when I saw this giant chocolate chip cookie, I just had to buy it. I can still remember the taste inside my mouth.. I’m craving for one right now!!! I think this cookie is bigger than my face haha.

I just have to share this with you guys: this is the best pulled pork I’ve tried in Borough Market. It’s located after the first part of Borough Market. You’ll see a street and on the right you’ll see Hobbs right away. They usually have a long line so you won’t miss it.

Instantly remembered my brother and my mom when I saw these giant meringues. It’s their favourite!

And so I saw this. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s amazing. All the guys inside are cycling so the platform keeps moving and there’s a DJ in front monitoring the sounds/ direction while everyone’s eating and drinking beer. I’m not sure if I can call it exercise since they’re drinking as well, but that’s a really cool concept! It’s like a group cycling thing.

The next destination: Camden. If you go out of the tube station (Camden stop) and turn right, you’ll see Camden Market right away.

Here it’s grunge and punk everywhere! I really find this town so cool. This is the area where so many people have tattoos, piercings and coloured hair. I love it!

They also have tons of shops, cafes and bars. We also went to their local market!

They’re known for having old motorcycle chairs as their seats.

My favourite in the whole wide world: waffles.

After passing by the food stalls, you’ll end up here. They have so many nice vintage items here!

Sadly, we arrived a bit late so almost all the stores were closed already. Boo!

We also went inside the Horse Tunnel Market, mostly known as the Stables Market. They say horses used to pass by here in the olden days but now it’s a market that a lot of tourists visit. Unlike Camden Market where you’ll see a lot of leather clothing and tattooed people, Stables Market is more relaxed.

Here you’ll see a lot of vintage fashion finds and antique furniture. I think Champ got excited when he saw this old record store. Most of the stalls in this market are housed in an old barn.

We also found this cool indoor pub and there was a free concert happening during that time. Camden is all about art- music, fashion, entertainment, etc.

We ended the day having Pimms (a local drink) at Tiki Bar Hot Tub. I guess I don’t have to explain why they named it that way. More travel photos soon! BMS.

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