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Live Happy

There are certain stages in your life where you begin another journey in your life: starting a new hobby, going to school, joining a new organisation, graduating college, going to work for the first time, etc. As of the moment- it’s getting a new place for me and leaving my home. I know, it’s sad because I won’t be living with my parents anymore, but I’m so sure they’ll still be visiting me almost everyday anyway! Haha.

Now, I can finally have a place to call my own and I can’t believe I’m given the chance to decorate it myself! Growing up, I used to hate going to furniture places because I found it boring but now it’s totally 180 degrees turnaround! Every free time I get, I always to to go to furniture shops to look for the perfect couch, tables, chairs, etc for my place. I get an amazing feeling and sudden inspirations every time I visit one. Want to know my favourite store? Heima.

I visited Heima a few weeks ago to inquire about their custom-made furniture and found their store extremely amazing! Everything inside is so appealing and I think they’re all fit for my new place. Just look at these printed pillows!

They have tons of greeting cards and art works as well.

Rule number 1 if you’re renovating your place: bring a tape measure every time you go to a furniture shop. You first have to measure your place so you’ll know what type of furniture you can buy. These are the cutest tape measures ever!

I got a vinyl player from them too and it’s nice to know they sell hard-to-find vinyl records. By the way, their vinyl players are available in pink and it’s so cool.

Candles. For your place to look more homey, you’ll be needing scented candles. It’s a must if you want your place smelling great and it’ll be nice for romantic dinners too!

Even their walls are cute. I got so many inspiring ideas on how to make my place cuter just by walking in their store.

Love these clocks!

I think Heima isn’t just a place you’ll go to if you need renovate your place- It’s also a destination if you want to buy a gift for someone. They have a lot of greeting cards, books, decors, etc.

And so I finally decided to ask them to customise my furniture for me. I can’t wait!!!

Heima is more than just a store, it is a philosophy for inspired living. If you love traveling, music and design, you will fall in love with Heima. Live happy beyond extraordinary. I also just want to announce that Heima and My Apt are having a furniture sale until October 8 and some of their items are up to 80% off. This is our chance!!!

To know more about Heima, visit their website and follow them Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. BMS.

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