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Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland

And just like that, I’m posting about my last two days in Switzerland. I still can’t believe we did six cities in seven days!!! I feel like such a backpacker (with 2 maletas hahaha). Anyway, this time around I’ll be sharing with you mostly their educational system and how advanced some of their schools are. But first, wine and cheese time!

Before reaching Lausanne, we dropped by Chexbres, a beautiful place in the Swiss canton Vaud that’s famous for their wine growing villages. We were lucky enough to get a tour around one of the wineries and got sample tastes straight from the barrels. Then we had some damon platters served with their home-grown wine. Yum!

The next day in Lausanne, we went to Écal, an art and design based university located at Avenue du Temple 5, 1020 Renens, Switzerland. Honestly, I am in love with art/ fashion schools and this one really got me wanting to study all over again. They have so many things going on like this virtual reality board.

Inside the university, you’ll find the Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab. When you enter the lab, there’s a wide screen and you can just choose the artist + song you want to play and it’ll play you a live version of the acts that were from the previous Montreux Jazz festivals. I am absolutely in love with this idea because I’m a music lover! Any say to just be inside listening and watching all the artists perform even if it’s not really live, because with the amazing sound system, feeling mo andun ka rin.

At Écal, you’ll see all the classrooms are designed in a minimal way but they all look so nice the ways the students decorated it. We got to go check out most of their classrooms and all rooms look different depending on your course, of course (uyyy, rhyming). They have photography classes, art rooms, photography studios, and a lot more.

This instalment is my favourite because it was created by one of their students for Hermes and Hermes really used it (and her other works) for their window displays. Kewl.

We also visited the Rolex Learning Center (I know, sounds fancy) which is a campus / library. They have over 500,000 printed books and is one of the largest scientific collections in Europe. Inside the campus you’ll find lots of interested work spaces, like this hallway with beanbags where people can just chill or even take a nap during breaks.

And… Geneva! Our last stop. We weren’t able to do much since we only had a day and a half in this beautiful city, but more reason to go back, right? We had a few drinks after dinner and went to Stettler the next day, a famous chocolaterie and we got lucky because we were able to meet the chef AND he taught us how to make several kinds of chocolates. YAS!! Winning!

Milk chocolate is still my favourite even if I know dark chocolate is the healthiest option lol. I had such an amazing time during my one week experience in Switzerland and I’m so glad I went with amazing people and close friends. Thank you Swiss Embassy for the invitation and I can’t wait to be back in your beautiful city again. BMS.

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