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LA Lookbook

There’s something so charming about LA that makes me wanna live there. Okay, maybe not live there but try staying there for a few months. The chill vibe, the tall palm trees, the food (especially the food), and the shops– everything about LA is just so beautiful. I used to go there every summer with my family when I was little but when everyone started “adulting”, we just couldn’t find the time to have family trips that often. Now I miss going to LA every summer, staying there for three weeks and just spending time with my parents and siblings. Luckily, a few months back we decided to have a small family reunion! Woot! Sharing with you guys some of the outfits I wore during my stay there.

Abbot Kinney in Venice– a must visit street in LA. Tons of local design shops, good brunch cafes and a lot of pretty walls! You’ll also find a lot of instagrammable walls in Melrose Ave. Seriously, LA is IG-heaven! Didn’t know I had tons of photos with palm tree backgrounds until I uploaded this lookbook. Lol.

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