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#KalvinOliviaLoveStory Wedding

Kalvin Olivia Love Story

Who would have thought I’d meet Olivia through work and that we’d become soul sisters after? I met Kalvin and Olivia at Digital Fashion Week in Singapore a few years ago and have been extremely close to them ever since– and even if I don’t see them often, I know the friendship and love will always be there. I remember asking Olivia last year if she’s sure Kalvin will be the one and… tada!!! Here I am sharing with you guys their wedding. I took all the videos using only my phone because bringing a camera would be too much since we were extremely busy the whole day. As a bridesmaid, I gotta make sure Olivia looks her best all day long! Maid talaga ang peg. Lol. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever attended. Oh, I did a wedding speech too! Intayin niyo sa dulo. Lol. Hope you guys like this video. Watch it below or click HERE to go directly to my Youtube channel.

By the way, Olivia and I did a vlog collaboration last year! Lol. We tried to learn each other’s language with Sarah Kate of Urban Wit. Lol. You can watch it HERE. BMS.

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