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I’m addicted to personalised items, I feel like it has a special touch to it because you know it’s made especially for you. This casing from Phoebe’s Merchanise is really one of a kind. All their specialised casings are so incredibly made. This casing is filled with crystal stones and I don’t know how they made it perfectly. You can send them any pegs and they’ll try to make it into a casing. Cool, right?

Love chocolates but you’re on a diet? You’ll love these Brookside chocolates from Sweets Lover. I first tried this dark chocolate Acai blueberry from my sister and fell in love with it right away. It’s dark chocolate so it’s not as bad and acai is a healthy fruit too. The other one is fruit and nuts and it’s just as good too. I love snacking on these babies!!

For strawberry and green tea lovers, these ones from Sweets Lover as well are to die for! I can be a food blogger na! Hahaha. One thing you guys don’t know about me is I love eating.

Ever since I tried Kit Kat green tea, I’ve been wanting to try all sorts of Kit Kat flavours. These ones from Sweets Lover are so yummy! What’s your favourite kind?

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you gotta try these variants from Sweets Lover. I don’t know why, but every time there’s chocolate around me, I just have to try it. If you like mixing chocolates and fruits, the orangette is a winner!

Now, let’s talk about clothes naman. I’ve been such a huge fan of black apparel lately and I found these classy pieces online. It’s October already, and I’m sure we’ll soon attend parties, so here are some items from Spiegel that I found nice for the “ber” months. They’re such chic pieces that you can surely wear over and over again, with just the right styling of course. You can wear them on casual, formal and cocktail events.

SHOES. So when I went to Paris and Dubai, I went crazy because almost all the shoes were on sale. So what did I end up buying? Three pairs of Celine. Forgive me, na-excite lang ako. Haha. These thick ankle strap, two-tone wedges and acrylic heels pumps are winners!

Love for two-toned heels. Love these Charlotte Olympia and Saint Laurent heels. They’re perfect to wear for classy events or even just a night out with friends.

Pointy shoes are back! And everyone’s addicted to them including me. L-R: Manolo Blahnik and Elizabeth & James heels.

Ever wanted to have one of those mirrors with light bulbs? Vogue Blvd sells them! I was so happy when I found out about it because it really makes a difference when you’re putting make up on. You’ll really see all the things you need to put on your face and it’s such a nice decor for your room too. The size is perfect and it’ll really make your room look extra cute.

I think I mentioned this to you guys already- I’m really into small pendant necklaces now. I love these accessories from Murano Shop. I love the colours and how it’s made:

You wouldn’t have expected right? I loved the necklaces even before seeing how it was made, but when I saw the process of making the necklaces, I just wanted to wear them everyday. That’s what you call passion! You should see all their designs at Murano Shop, it’s so freaking awesome!

Yes, I’m really addicted to make up and I love small, compact ones because I’m always on the go and put make up on most of the time when I’m in the car. Since I’m morena, the usual shades I put on my face are nude and brown colours. I knew these ones from Tempress Clothing will definitely be used all the time. The one on the left is Benefit’s eye contour kit. All the important shades are these for your eyes to look big and beautiful. The one on the right is Daisy Marc Jacob’s eyebrow powder. I love discovering new things, trying them out and loving them.

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  1. Grace
    5 years ago

    WOOHHH THE SHOES…i’ve been a shoe addict and wahh i want the charlotte and the celine wedges :OOO

    1. Laureen Uy
      5 years ago

      They’re lovely <3


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