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Black and white colors are so easy to play with. It can instantly look edgy when paired with studded accessories, and can be classy when worn with minimal items. This top definitely makes the outfit more interesting because of its black geometric details. It actually makes me look thinner too. What I love best about the look though is that the bag really stole all the attention.

Speaking of details, it’s very important to look and feel your best when you dress up – inside and out. I only started organizing my drawer of undergarments this year and I’m pretty sure it was one of the best things I’ve done. It honestly gives you more confidence knowing you’re wearing the right type of undergarment for a type of look. Yes, there are specific types of underwear that you should be wearing for certain types of clothing. You wouldn’t want to be walking out your door feeling very uncomfortable because you’re not wearing the right type of undergarments, right? Wacoal has everything you need! From basics to corsets to luxurious undergarments – all you have to do is know what you want and need, and you’re all set to shop!

These are my favorite – plain black bras matched with seamless undies. Because I was wearing a black and white outfit before, I also wore these – color coordination lang ang peg! But like I said, there are different types of bras for certain clothes.

The left one are for those who want to wear low V neck tops or dresses that would have low cuts in the front. The right one are for those who are flat chested. Equipped with extra pads, it will definitely make you look sexier.

The left one: the butterfly effect bra, probably one of my favorite bras from Wacoal. I love the fit and the design! The right one: just look at that gorgeous detail!

If you’re the more playful type, go for these black printed bras – with matching panties of course. I really love Wacoal’s matching tops and bottoms – it makes you feel more confident and sexy, and for me, that’s what all the girls out there should have. BMS.

SM GTW top
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Avon bag 
Seventh St. shorts
Charlotte Olympia wegdes

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