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Iligan City

For our third adventurous day, we decided to go to Iligan City and visit some of God’s creations- waterfalls. I decided to be a bit more girly by wearing a cropped top with a maxi skirt. Color blocking lang ang peg! When I go out of town, I usually wear sunnies because I’m too lazy to put on make up and of course, it really is super sunny during the day (around 9am-3pm).

Maria Cristina Waterfalls. I remember studying this way back when I was still in grade school. Can’t believe I actually saw it with my own eyes. It’s so beautiful, right?

Tinago in english is “hidden” and this one is called Tinago Falls because it really is in a hidden area. You have to go through a long, deserted road to be able to go here. Not only that- when you arrive, you have to walk 484 steps down to see it and 484 steps back up to leave. It’s really worth it though. I swam too- my first time again.

Robbie living like a local- he climbed the rocks and did a flip while diving! Check out his blog too if you want to know more about our trip.

This trip really changed my outlook in life- no kidding. Now I want to do a lot more stuff I’ve never imagined doing. Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City, I had fun! BMS.

Topshop hat
Rayban sunnies
Bubbles necklace
Bershka top
SM Accessories belt
Ministry of Retail skirt
S&H shoes

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