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How To Have Better Instagram Pics

I always get a lot of emails and comments on my blog from people asking me how I edit my Instagram photos. To be honest, it’s not that hard- all you have to do is just download the right photo applications and you’re all set! Know how I always edit my ootds and scenic photos in these easy steps: First- download Snapseed and VSCO cam. So this is the original photo. It’s not an ugly photo, but you can definitely play with it more and make the colours pop out. I always use Snapseed first when editing the photos.

Once Snapseed is open, you’ll see a couple of buttons below- those are all the tools you can use for the image. Use “tune image” first and check out the editing options you have there. When you scroll the screen up and down, you can choose what you want to edit your photos. For this photo, I used “contrast” and “saturation” for the photo so the colours can pop out more.

Then I used “ambiance” and “shadows” next so you can see not just the shadow of my body but my actual skin and bikini. It really depends on you on how you want the photo to look like, but I’m sure you’ve seen the difference between the original photo and now.

For this particular photo, I didn’t want it to be yellow/ violet so I chose “warmth” and lessened the colours until blue shades started coming out. Then used “saturation” after to make the colours more vibrant. After that, press check so you can exit “tune image” so you can go back to the homepage and then go to “details” next. This one is my favourite because it makes all the photos clearer and sharper.

Now that we’ve used “tune image” and “details”, let’s now move on to “selective adjust”. Press the plus button below and click an area you want more saturated/ less saturated/ brighter/ darker, etc. You get the gist. Since I only want my silhouette to be seen, I clicked on my body and darkened it. I also made the yellow and blue colours more saturated.

After I use Snapseed, I transfer the edited photo to VSCO Cam app just to edit it a little bit more. I do this especially with my beach photos. Once you open the app, you’ll see a lot of filters below where you can choose from. For this particular photo, I didn’t choose any filters but clicked the “tool” button so I can edit it manually.

Then I go to “highlights” and choose the colour purple to make the sky pinkish/ purplish. I also sharpen the photo and do some minor highlights and shadows. Then save the edited photo on your album.

After that, I go back to Snapseed again and go to “tune image” and click contrast and saturation so the colours can pop even more and it’ll look more natural. And voila! That’s it!!! Sometimes, VSCO makes the quality of the photos smaller, making it looks a bit pixelized on the computer but when you upload it on Instagram, that’s not problem.

Here’s the final product! See how different it looks now? I hope you guys learned a thing or two here. BMS.

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