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How To Get Bonus Points

(Glassy PH sunglasses, Kashieca Top, Max XL watch, Zara shorts)

Fact: I used to be a basketball player back in high school. Yup! You’re not reading it wrong. I was part of my school’s basketball team when I was in 3rd and 4th year high school. To tell you the truth, I attended the try outs just so I can skip PE class but to my surprise, I began loving my teammates, my coaches and of course, basketball. Why am I sharing this to you guys? It’s because some of my clothes, even though they’re very trendy, still reminds me a lot about basketball- like this top from Kashieca. It looks like a cool version of a referee top, don’t you think? A lot of people get surprised when they find out this information because I don’t look it, but let me tell you this- I’ll beat you in a basketball arcade game and score every basket point!

I feel like that’s the reason why Petron got me to be one of their ambassadors, because I’m as good as their Petron Blaze Boosters endorsers like Doug Kramer, Junmar Fajardo, Chris Lutz and more. Hahaha! Okay, enough joking. Speaking of points earlier, do you know that Christmas is here early because of Petron? I’m sharing to you guys the Petron Value Card Bonus Points Promo! Get 14 points for P1,000 single receipt purchase and 7 points for P500 single receipt purchase of gasoline at any Petron stations. For more details, visit or download the PVC Mobile App. Please also watch my Petron TVC that came out a couple of months ago together with other influencers like Doug and Cheska Kramer, Gretchen Ho and a lot more. BMS.

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