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Hollywood Nails

Nails are very important. In every outfit, the colors of your nails are a big impact to make your rings look sleeker, your shoes a lot nicer and your outfit more noticeable.

(Topshop violet top, Marc Jacobs shirt, bazaar jeans, Steve Madden wedges)

I told myself I’d pamper myself by getting my nails done so I went to Cozy Nail Lounge and checked the place out. Thank you to Michelle Taruc for accommodating me the entire time btw. The place was so relaxing- the colors of the wall, the music, the chairs, the ginger tea. Everything.

And have you heard of their gel nail polish, aka hollywood nails? Apparently, it’s the new thing. They paint the gel polish on your nails and it stays for two weeks to a month. Angie, the one who did my nails told me she was trained by Jacqueline Yeung, an expert on nails to do it perfectly. I love it because:

1. it’s forever glossy
2. it stays on your nails for two weeks to a month
3. just 12 minutes and your nails are dry (that’s why I was still able to wear my wedges afterwards)

They also have this Christmas promo packages wherein if you avail any of them, you get a present; It’s a win-win situation. I availed the Angel’s delight and Mojito – they said it’s the best seller. You have to go there. Worth every cent.

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