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HK Disneyland: Feel The Magic

Finally- Hong Kong Disneyland! I’ve been wanting to take a break from work and just enjoy and relax like I used to when I was a kid, and I know the place for me is Disneyland. To make the experience more memorable, I went with Kryz, Jacklyn and Robbie. It’s not just for kids and families, it can also be a “barkada” outing!

The Flight of Fantasy Parade

A must see! It’s where all your memories as a kid comes back to life. Everyone stopped talking right when the parade started. I saw all the Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie, Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh, Lilo, Stitch, Woody and the best for me- Disney princesses. They were so beautiful and doll-like, I was just shocked – happy – speechless. It was a light and splendid show filled with music, laughter and dancing. I actually joined the last part where they got several people from the streets to do the hula-hoop with them. It’s definitely a must-see.

For lunch, we ate at Crystal Lotus in HK Disneyland Hotel. Look at the cute disney characters! Not only was the presentation awesome, but the food was delicious, especially the sweet and sour chicken. We had the set meal and everything from appetizer to dessert was scrumptious. For dinner, we ate at Corner Cafe inside Disneyland Resort but I wasn’t able to take photos anymore because I was so hungry from all the rides/shows. I ordered seafood chowder and Surf&Turf which consisted of tenderloin beef and lobster- the best combination! Perfect spot to eat dinner cause right when you go outside- you can watch the fireworks right away.

Love Love Love their balloons! As a kid, I would always get distracted by balloons, and weirdly, I still do pala.

It’s A Small World

Well, it really is a small world for everyone. It was also a guessing game for us- which country the dolls represent. I loved Thailand’s costume! Each country really has a trademark, it’s so surprising.

The Jungle River Cruise in Adventureland

I had so much fun seeing animals inside the “jungle”. Very cool. You’ll see elephants, zebras, giraffes and some other cool effects like fir and water combined, etc. It looks old school and you’ll feel like it’s a real jungle.

Toy Story Land (a new land inside Disneyland)

The favorite area so far. Everything was oversized: pencils, crayons, Woody, toy soldiers, etc. My favorite ride was this one. It’s like a roller coaster (U-shaped) called RC Racer and it goes back and forth really fast and it goes higher and higher. Yes, I almost backed out but good thing I didn’t- I had so much fun. We also rode Top Soldier Parachute Drop, where the parachute goes really high and drops us fast. Their new rides are really awesome/scary/fun. By the way, Toy Story Land is also Asia exclusive- cool, huh?

I just can’t help but post this photo! I’m sure the kid was so tired after being so happy and jolly all day!

And the finale- the “Disney in the Stars” fireworks
I was in awe. It was the most amazing set of fireworks I’ve even seen in my entire life- I’m not even kidding. It was magical (together with the music) and it just reminded me of my childhood- I almost cried!

Hong Kong Disneyland. I love you. Kudos to our tour guide Danny and Janice for being so friendly and entertaining. I felt like such a baby when Danny gave me stickers and I asked for more (kid mode once again). And of course, this has a second part (yes, we went back the next day because we wanted to explore Disneyland more). BMS.

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