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HK Disneyland 2: Can’t Get Enough

Sorry for the late post, but finally, here it is!! We ate at Enchanted Garden in HK Disneyland Hotel and I was very pleased with their buffet- especially the hash brown and pancakes. Fat kid mode: I ate so much I think I gained 10 pounds. Also, did you know if you check in in their Disneyland hotels, you have to privilege of meeting the Disney characters while having breakfast- no need to line up at the Disneyland Resort to have your pictures taken with them (the long is forever long by the way). I felt like a kid shouting “Mickey” over and over until he went up to our table.

With friends Jacklyn, Kryz and Robbie again. We’re very much hyper from our breakfast and we’re all set to try the rides. Interiors in Disneyland looks so chic and classy. Everything is perfectly made for us to feel welcome and happy. With an environment as nice as this, you’ll never get sad/angry.

We loved Space Mountain! For me, it’s one of the best rides in Disneyland. It was so fast and scary but fun at the same time. It;s a roller coaster ride in the dark and you see stars and galaxies, etc. They even take your photo to capture the “scared/fun” moment. Here’s an Instagram photo from Kryz- don’t judge us. Haha.

We tried the ride “Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters” where you have to shoot aliens and defeat Emperor Zrug (there’s a target and you have a laser gun) and pretend your Buzz Lightyear- if you shoot the target, you can points. I had so much fun but I only got 106,000+ while my opponent Robbie got 300,00+ points. I wanted to do it again and again until I beat him, but I knew it was impossible. At least I got higher scores than Kryz and Jacklyn (competitive much?)

Going crazy at these balloons! I’d love to have a picture goofing around with these balloons but the girl who was selling it didn’t trust us enough (hence the visible arm you can see on the left side of the picture).

The Golden Mickey show- truly breath taking. Each part just gave me chills- they were too good. It’s a live show and they show you parts of Disney movies. The performers were outstanding! Each part made me remember all the movies I’ve watched when I was a little girl and seriously, I want to watch them all again. Nothing would beat a Disney movie marathon with popcorn and drinks.

For dinner, we ate at in Walt’s Cafe in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Just stare at the photos and I’m sure your mouth will water. I had the french onion soup and these. I had my own order of steak but I couldn’t resist trying out my friends’ orders too. Our orders were sooo good! The steak was so soft and juicy, the dessert was the bomb! Yummy for my tummy. I also love how in every restaurant in Disney Resorts, they always have Mickey shapes. So cute!

Disneyland is a magical place indeed. I love spending quality time with friends abroad. You detach yourself from work, your country and just bond, laugh and have the best time of your life. I’m glad I spent my vacation in Disneyland, not only did I have the best time but I really felt like I belonged there. Everyone was so friendly and pleasant- and it just made me feel like my little self again.
Hong Kong Disneyland– where you can find joy, laughter and fun all in one place. BMS.

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