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Highlights of my 2014 Travels

highlights of my 2014 travels

It was very hard for me to find a cover photo for this post because these are compilation of all my unforgettable travels this year. I remember making a wish/goal last December 2013 saying I hope to travel more next year and it truly has been a wonderful journey for me. I’ve traveled to places I’ve never been to, met new friends along the way and most importantly, grew as a person and experienced so many things this 2014. I’ve rearranged all my travel photos from January until November and I hope you have a great time joining me in this recap- and even if I’m not traveling with you guys, I hope you feel like you’re also with me through these pictures.

highlights of my 2014 travels

January: El Nido. It was my first travel for 2014 and a good way to start the year too.

highlights of my 2014 travels

February: Korea. It was this trip that I decided Korean is my favourite cuisine. I couldn’t stop eating! And yes, It was cold (around 2 to -3 degrees), but not as cold as New York.

highlights of my 2014 travels

February: New York. Thank you Guess for inviting me to New York and attending your after party. I had the best time of my life. I met so many bloggers that I look up to like Kristina Bazan (Kayture) and Aimee Song (Song of Style) and designers like Vivienne Tam and Josie Natori. Dream come true. New York will always be one of my favourite destinations.

February: Sumilon Island. Such a beautiful place to stay if you want peace and relaxation. I even tried whale shark watching and swam with them. Scary and wonderful experience!

February: Boracay. First of my many trips this 2014.

March: Japan. My first time in Japan and I’m so happy I was able to see some of their tourist places. I also got to go inside Google’s office and see one Cherry Blossom tree. How cool is that.

March: Pico De Loro. An overnight trip that was totally worth it.

March: Cebu. I spent the entire weekend with my family. Thank you so much Manny Osmena for hosting. We went island hopping and had the best lechon ever!

May: Cambodia. It’s really a country you have to go to at least once in your life. The temples are absolutely breath taking and it’s unbelievable how all of them are man made. Everything is so cheap too! $0.50 for a glass of beer!

May: Taiwan. Another vacation with my family. This is a yearly thing for us and it’s a time for all of us to stop working and just relax, bond and get fat!

June: Boracay. Again. It’s really my happy place.

June: Korea. This trip was epic. Thank you Air Asia for flying me and my blogger besties! We went to so many temples and tried so many new things!

July: Macau. I only stayed there overnight because I had to fly to London right after but I still had an excellent time. The food and entertainment at City of Dreams was wonderful!

August: London. My ultimate favourite travel this year. I guess it’s because I was there with my sister and friends and it just made the entire trip more interesting and fun. I also studied at Central Saint Martins and it was definitely a trip worth remembering. Thank you again Prime App for making it happen!

August: Kuala Lumpur. First of the many times I went there this year. I think I went to KL three or four times this 2014! I flew there to attend the MTV World Stage and even got to meet the artists personally during interviews. I also went with Tim Yap and my best buddy Sean Go, which made the trip extra great.

September: Bali. Beach + Blogger Besties = Heaven. I saw the best sunset of my life there. Enough said.

September: Hong Kong. I know I’m always in Hong Kong but this one is just different- I saw Cate Blanchett in person.

October: Balesin. My sister needed a hand with styling so I went with her to assist her. Bonding time too for us!

October: Singapore. One week in this beautiful country for Digital Fashion Week. This is one of my favourite trips too because I got to meet all these gorgeous fashion bloggers from around the world and they’re all so beautiful inside and out. I’m still in touch with most of them!

October: Bangkok. One week here too for Digital Fashion Week. I haven’t blogged about these yet but will do next week. One of the highlights of this trip was seeing Tree Chada walk the runway.

November: Kuala Lumpur. Since I met Nana (my Malaysian friend) during Digital Fashion Week, Malaysia has been more fun and entertaining!

I still have other Kuala Lumpur, China and Hong Kong trips this December but I haven’t blogged about them yet. Please do wait for my next travel posts, but for now, I hope you enjoyed my wonderful 2014 journey. I wish 2015 will be a better year for all of us! Just a few more hours guys. BMS.

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