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Happy Skin x StyLIZed Collaboration

happy skin x stylized collaboration

Proud sister moment right now: I’m not being biased but the “Shut Up and Kiss Me” collection of Happy Skin’slatest collaboration with my sister Liz Uy is the bomb. I attended the launch last week and the place was filled with people ecstatic to try out the lipsticks. To tell you the truth, I’ve heard about this collaboration months before its release because my sister was so hands on during production. Like normal siblings (and I do this all the time), she would ask for advice from me and my brother Vince if we liked the packaging, color, design, etc. Now she’s happy and excited to announce the final products! The lipsticks come in gold, silver and bronze tubes and the three shades are the most important shades that all girls will ever need: red, pink and nude. What I love about these lipsticks the most is that its long lasting and it also keeps your lips moisturized at the same time! I’ve been a fan of Happy Skin ever since they first launched their make up in Manila, and I’m even more delighted now that they collaborated with Liz.

happy skin x stylized collaboration

Fun fact: Last week, when I went to Singapore with her and some friends, I realised that I didn’t bring my red lipstick so I borrowed hers. After applying it, I went straight to my bed and started browsing the internet. Before leaving the hotel room for a night out with friends, I went inside the bathroom again to check myself in the mirror and told Liz, “Wow, this lipstick is really nice! What is this?” And then she said, “Ano ka ba! Yan yung lipstick na gawa ko for Happy Skin!” And I was like, “Whuuuuutttt?!?!?!” Hahaha. That’s it. Just wanted to share.

Another fact: It’s her birthday today!!! Please greet her and send her all the love she can get today.

happy skin x stylized collaboration

Happy Skin x StyLIZed “Shut Up and Kiss Me” collection is now available (you can buy it HERE too). It’s P599.00 per lippie tube and you can buy a set with a leather case for P1,499.99 and in an acrylic clutch case for P1,799.00. Buy it and be happy! BMS.

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