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Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

Here we go! You’ll be seeing a lot (and I mean a whole lot) of photos from my Korea trip with my blogger besties this entire week. When I got an email asking if I can go to Korea, how can I say no? I know I’ve been there twice already but every time I go back, it still feels magical. I was there last February but the weather was different- it was freezing cold! Now that it’s summer time in Korea, I know I can experience other kinds of activities this time around! I love how you won’t run out of things to do there. I can definitely say I am in love with South Korea. Thank you so much AirAsia and Korea Tourism Organization of Manila for this opportunity!

Before I show you my first travel diary post, I’m sure you guys are wondering if you need a visa to go to Korea. The answer is yes, but it’s very easy. I did it myself! Fill up the application form and submit all the requirements needed. You can check out the photo above to know all the documents you need to prepare.You can get more information about Korea through Korea Tourism Manila’s Facebook page. Once your Korean visa is ready, just pick it up at the Korean Embassy and you’re all set to travel! If you love traveling on a budget, fly via AirAsia.

It’s always such a good time to fly to Korea with AirAsia. They have really low fares so you won’t have to worry about spending so much money on your flights and get to spend the extra cash on the things you want to do and buy!

Because we arrived really early, we were the first ones to board. I’m really impressed with the uniforms of AirAsia’sflight attendants- they’re so chic and classy.

Since everyone is always busy and on-the-go, AirAsia made it easier for everyone by giving us options on how we check-in: through the website, through their mobile app and the usual, counter check-in. I downloaded the app and tried it out for myself. I wanted to make sure that my seat is reserved so I checked in using their very cool app. Aside from being able to check-in, you can also mange your booking, search for flights and even get good hotel deals there. It’s so easy to use so I suggest you download it. I wish they also put promo tab so we’re always updated with their good deals!

Now it’s time to fly! The trip was about 3 hours and 45 minutes but the long wait didn’t bother me at all because I was beside Patricia and the seats were very comfortable. It helped a lot that the flight attendants were very nice and gave good service. I ate so much on the plane too- they served yummy pasta (and it must be really excellent because I normally don’t like plane food).

For booking flights and good promo deals, you can check out AirAsia’s website and make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. By doing so, you’ll always get updated with their promos!

Touchdown Korea! We arrived at our hotel around 10pm and so I wanted to sleep early so I can be energized and ready for our first tour day. The first area we explored was Gyeonggi-do. I’ve never been to this area so I was pretty much excited to see everything I can! Gyeonggi means “the area surrounding the capital” and it’s the area surrounding Seoul.

Our first stop: Skinanniversary Beauty Town at Paju. If you love taking good care of your skin, you’ll feel like this place is heaven! They have so many amazing beauty products!

They have these incredible machines that can detect whether our skin is dry, oily or a combination of both. After getting the results, they customise the facial treatment based on your skin type. I’m a combination of both!

They gave me a junior mask and asked me to enter a room, remove my clothes and put on a towel robe that was inside the waiting for me.

Look at all these facial products! No wonder Koreans have good and flawless skin! I swear they gave me the best facial and neck massage ever. I can’t explain how they do it but it just feels so nice! What a way to start my day: a facial, a facial massage and a neck/ shoulder massage. This is the best morning ever!

One of Korea’s famous products are their snail creams. It can soothe, regenerate and heal your skin. Aside from snail cream, I also found other amazing products they have like the memory volume cream, hydro gel eye, toners and serums.

Oh yes, they have an area where you can do your make up for free. They even have hair dryers and straightening irons so you can also fix your hair. We should have this here!

Before leaving, we dropped by the Trick Eye Gallery on the ground floor.

Next stop: One Mount Fashion Street. We had buffet for lunch and it was delicious. I think there’s not a single restaurant in Korea that doesn’t serve delicious food.

Inside the mall was a huge water park and snow park. Yes, both are there. Go to the left and it’s the snow park, turn to your right and it’s a water park. Take your pick!

Spotted this weird-shaped ice cream cone too! Saw a similar one in Cambodia but I wasn’t able to try it with the reason that I might not be able to finish it by myself. It looks huge!

We dropped by One Mount Water Park first. I felt like a kid again- I didn’t want to leave the play zone and if I could, I would try all the rides there! Look at all the fun rides!!! Everyone who will visit this place will definitely feel like a kid again.

They have an outdoor and an indoor park.

Look at this brave little girl! I wanna be next!

Unfortunately, we had to leave to check out One Mount Snow Park. It’s as awesome as the water park. Now you don’t need to worry about missing snow because you can just go here anytime of the day. It’s like a big magical rink, right?

Unfortunately, we had to leave to check out One Mount Snow Park. It’s as awesome as the water park. Now you don’t need to worry about missing snow because you can just go here anytime of the day. It’s like a big magical rink, right?

They have a machine that produces snowflakes too! I swear, it felt so magical watching the snow fall from above.

All of us tried this ride and it was so scary and fun at the same time!

This is only half of what we did on our first day tour. Will post more soon. Thank you again AirAsia and Korea Tourism Organization for this. BMS.

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