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Guess What

Guess what I’m wearing? Guess! I’m not asking you to predict it- I already said the brand. Okay, corny points for my play of words haha. Anyway, I was surprised to see a lot of trendy and colorful pieces when I entered this store last week. I love how tops like these make your arms look extra thin because of the cutouts, plus it hides your stomach too! I love loose tops. Now, I’m not really a fan of jeans (as you can see on my blog), I always wear shorts and dresses but this specific pair of jeans got my heart to stop. It’s the color and the fit that made the pair of jeans wonderful. Their collection now are amazing that I just want to wear every single piece that is launched. BMS.

SM Accessories necklaces
Guess top/ jeans
SM Accessoriesbangle/ bag 
Guess heels

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