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Goody Come Play

Can I just tell you I really love Goody products? Yes, that’s my intro sentence- straight to the point! Hahaha. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been using Goody because their hair ties really keep my hair in place, not to mention their clips are just too adorable too. Goody Come Play event was held at SM Mall of Asia Atrium last September 14 and I’m very proud to say that I was part of their event. They invited me to give a talk about accessorising and I couldn’t have been happier that they chose that topic for me.

There were a lot of things you could do inside the Come Play area. There were photo booths, yummy foods, make up and even an area where you can have a manicure. It was really such a fun day, especially for girls who just want to chill and have a great time.

Hosts for the day: Patricia Prieto and Bianca Saldua. Aren’t they just all prepped up and pretty?

There were a lot of Goody loot bags too. I wanted to get one for myself!! Hahaha!

Here they are showcasing their wonderful brushes. Okay, wonderful is an understatement. All my brushes at home are Goody because they have specific hair brushes for your hair, like if it’s wet, dry, tangled, wavy, etc.

My favourite section: Beauty and Butter nail booth! I love them! I visit their branch in Mega Mall almost every week to get some pampering.

See how many girls love Goody? I love them because they can make my hair look nice even if I’m having a bad hair day.

Here’s Camille and Kryz who also gave a talk during the event.

So I didn’t know I was the last speaker of the day until I arrived to the venue. To everyone who stayed until my talk, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope you guys learned a thing or two about accessorising. Hello mini me and giant me on screen!

I brought some of my personal items just so I can explain it naturally and easily. I divided my talk into segments: How to accessorise from day to night with wearing only just one LBD, minimalist vs. maximalist when it comes to accessorising and what to wear in school and work.

To make the talk a bit more fun, I called a few participants from the audience and showed them how to wear some accessories properly.

Of course, Goody was included in my program. I love their double wear product. It can be worn as a hair tie and bracelet! Cool right, perfect for everyone.

I had so much fun mingling with my readers again and of course, seeing and meeting new people too. Thank you so much Goody for inviting me. It was such a fun and unforgettable event. Until the next one! BMS.

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