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Global Travel Blogger Summit, Japan

Hey guys! Sorry if I haven’t blogged for over a week— I’m currently in Spain with my blogger and college besties and just had way too much fun to even bother opening my laptop. Like everyone else, we love going on vacations (meaning trips with no work involved) just to unwind, relax and eat everything in plain sight. Lol. Now that I have a little bit of free time, I wanna share with you guys what went on during my trip to Japan for the Global Travel Blogger Summit 2017. You can also click HERE to watch the travel video I made during this trip. It’s on my Youtube channel!

I flew in a day before the program so I was able to go around my favorite city in Japan: Osaka! I love going around Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori for good food and shopping.

We went around Hiroshima and stopped by Kosanji Temple. Best time to go is during their cherry blossom season. Everything is just so beautiful!

We also went to Kobe, where its known for (duh) their kobe beef. This was the time I gave up rice for lent and I was honestly really suffering. Lol.

We tried on traditional kimonos and hakamas and walked around town wearing them. There were so many people asking for our photos, I felt like such a huge celebrity hahaha.

Fave girls Mehak Ghai, Olivia Lazuardy and Joan Kim.

Best part is I met so many amazing influencers from around the globe. Everyone got along so well and I’m so happy this was the chosen group for the first ever Global Travel Blogger Summit. Hopefully I get invited again!

Japan, every time I visit your country, it’s always a different feel. I really can’t wait to experience you during another season. <3

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