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Friends Forever

Friends Forever

They say it’s impossible to have a best friend who’s the opposite sex. Some people don’t believe girls can have guy best friends because you’ll end up falling in love with each other or that you just really won’t share the same similarities.. . I think otherwise. Cart (also known as DJ Toons in the public eye) and I have been friends for over a decade now and there’s not a single secret of mine that he doesn’t know. We didn’t start out as best friends (who does, right?), but we instantly clicked and I still find myself being closer to him each day that passes by. I’m really lucky to have someone who tells me the truth no matter how harsh it is and someone I can lean on every time I’m down. I always feel that comfort and warmth when I’m with him. We don’t get to see each other as often as we used to before, but I know he’s just one call away when I need him (and vice versa).

Friends Forever

There would be days where he’d call me having problems, whether it be about work, family, friends, or even just a random bad scenario (and I have my moments too!), but I’ll always make sure he’ll feel better after our conversation.. that’s what friends are for! I’m not sure if it’s just us the two of us, but I feel like everyone goes through the same thing. We’d always have those moments where we feel like we don’t belong in this world or that everything isn’t just falling into place like how we’d want it to be. Nevertheless, we always have to remember that no matter what life brings us, we should always be here to support and care for our besties. We’re here to make them feel like they’re always on top of the world!

If you have friends you know that need some cheering up, show them you love them and that you care by sending out a Happygram! Make everyday moments better by taking a selfie with your happy thought and tag all your besties! You can also create your own through Happygram’s microsite. Add #happygrams #sparkitph and tag @hersheysph (twitter)/ @hersheyshappy (instagram) and I too! I want to see your posts and I’ll be retweeting some of my favorites! Keep your messages short and sweet like mine! Let’s spread happy thoughts starting today. BMS.

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