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Fresh Eye Make Up In 5 Minutes

I’m no expert when it comes to putting on make up, but one thing I do know is you always have to be prepared when you have an event or even just a casual meeting. Every girl needs to know at least one easy make up trick that will make your look better for important occasions. Here’s my super fast eye make up trick that you can do in less than five minutes!

Of course, you’ll be needing a lot of eye shadow choices. This Zoeva eyeshadow palette from Luxola is perfect because it has 88 shades in one pack. The eyeshadow colour that you’ll choose should compliment with your skin tone and since I’m morena, I chose to play around with my favourite palette- neutral shades.

I know I said this is just an eye make up tutorial, but I also want to share that I use Pond’s BB+ cream in beige for a natural flawless look everyday.

So I chose a cream shade as a base for my eyes. It’s just to add a bit of colour to my eyelids.

Then I chose a darker shade to put only on the side of my eyelids to create an illusion that my eyes are a bit bigger. It also makes your eyes look sexier. Just dab it on the side of your eyelids and then stroke it upward on top of you eyelid a bit so you can mix it with the base. It’ll look natural afterwards.

Then get a white shimmery shade to put below the tip of your eyebrows to create a highlight.

Choose another shade of neutral brown and put some below your eyes to create a slightly dramatic effect.

I also got this set of LAQA & Co lip lubes from Luxola. It’s actually a gift set and it includes 5 lip tubes so you can choose what shade you’ll wear depending on your entire feel. I mixed the pink and nude shade.

To complete my look, I added eyeliner on top and mascara. And tada! That’s it! Easy peasy.

I always like going for the natural look because to be honest, I’m lazy to put make up on everyday. It always takes me five minutes to do my make up and this is my trick to having a relaxed look daily.

Thanks to Luxola’s beauty products, I don’t have a hard time doing my own make up because they have so many choices- and for sure you’ll find the perfect items for you. Also, since they love my readers so much, they’re giving you guys a promo code so you’ll get discount on your first purchase! Just type in “BLX-LAUREEN” once you check out. It’s valid until December 31. They have items that’s perfect to give for Christmas too. Happy shopping! BMS.

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