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Flower Garden

I know, I can’t get enough of florals prints. Well, technically these Chiz shorts aren’t printed- the fabric is really like this, which makes it more awesome. The brown/cream/white combination really makes an entire look more feminine- and I was feeling a bit girly that day so I went for it. Of course, for a classier look- I went for these Cocorose London gray flats with a cute bow in front. These aren’t normal flats, by the way.

I’ve always been insecure about my height (because I’m petite) but I’m more open to it now thanks to my friends. I can actually move more freely when I’m in flats and do things faster in them. Don’t get me wrong- I still love wearing heels and I’d still choose heels over flats.. It’s just when I need to do errands or if there’s really no need to wear heels that I opt to wear flats instead. What I love about these Cocorose London flats is that it’s so tiny and foldable that I can just bring it anywhere. I was actually wearing heels but had to do something so I just took this out of my bag and wore flats so I can do it faster. It’s so plain and pretty too! A must-have in every girls’ bag/ car. BMS.

Goody hair tie
SM Accessories necklace 
Monkee Business top
Extreme Finds square bangles
Dior bag 
Chiz skirt
Cocorose London flats

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