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Do not be afraid of picking up some accessories that may seem a little bit too cute or glamorous. Taking risks are actually a nice thing. Experiment a little so you’ll get to know your own sense of style more. As long as they match the style you are going for- they will definitely make you look amazing. These accessories from Zebra Moda are so classy and elegant. I used neutral colors on my outfit to emphasize more my accessories and also to grab attention where I want it and for it to compliment my look. Black and gold are really a classy combination and it never fails to make anyone look more luxe. Subtle prints like this polka dot top under with my snakeskin necklace give texture to my entire look.

Super sunnies
Twinkies Inc top
Zebra Moda necklaces/ watch
Jhajing ribbon bracelet
Balenciaga bag
Bubbles skirt

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