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My Favorite Snacks Inside Landers

Last Sunday, I went to the opening of the newest Landers branch (Alabang West) and felt like a little kid going inside a candy shop again. Every time I visit this Superstore, I always feel like it’s a quick trip to the US. The entire feel and all the food options are just incredible! Before I share with you guys my favorite snacks when I’m home watching my series, here’s a quick tour around this gigantic grocery.

This superstore is so spacious!!!

Became a Daza for the day. The organic section. I love that they have several soy / almond milk options. Confused if I should get healthy fruits or chips. I guess you know what I got in the end. Lol. Their liquor section is insaaaane!!! If you’re throwing a huge party, make sure to drop by this area! I always drop by Landers Central after doing my groceries to grab either their pepperoni pizza or fried chicken with rice. Okay I just got really hungry after typing that down. They offer so much more than what I just showed you guys but if I start sharing all their awesome items then this post probably won’t ever end. Okay, now it’s time to share my favorite snacks!!! Ritz toasted chips cheddar. I love bringing this inside my car so that anytime I get hungry, I always have something to munch on.

Cheetos flamin’ hot and japaleno. Still can’t choose which one I like better.

Smartfood white cheddar popcorn IS THE BOMB.

These pork rinds / chicharon (without the fats) are so flavorful and I always get one (matic na) every time I’m at Landers.

CHEEZA IS THE BEST. Also it usually goes on sale so make sure to hoard when it happens!

Maltesers family style. We have this at home hahaha.

Twix fun size because I love having it inside my bag all the time.

Brookside acai chocolate. They say this is the healthier option but I personally love the taste.

Sanders sea salt caramel.

Okay, this really isn’t a snack lol but I love Delimondo so much, especially when you put the chili oil on top! MMMM.  All my favorite desserts in one superstore. I am kinikilig. Congratulations Landers on your latest branch in Alabang West. If you live in the south, drop by now and experience the ultimate shopping experience! x

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