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Excited for City of Dreams Manila

Another City of Dreams Macau post! Sadly, this is my last post but you’ll get to see what I did during my last day in Macau- well, not that I stayed there for so long hahaha but better to still blog about my short trip than not blog about it at all, right?

I spent my morning at Grand Hyatt Hotel’s breakfast buffet and I wasn’t disappointed. They didn’t have all the varieties in the world, but it was enough to make my stomach very happy. Look the all the yummy pastries!

Coffee, tea or me?

Yes, that’s all for me and David. Breakfast of champions! Bacon and eggs are my favourite breakfast food (please insert corned beef and garlic rice too haha).

Love the interiors inside the hotel too. Everything looks so posh and chic.

With my Macau tour group! I think it was all our first time (except David) in Macau so we were all pretty excited to see everything City of Dreams prepared for us!

Next agenda: Spa time!!! Who doesn’t love massages right? We went to Crown Spa at Crown Towers so we can try out their best massage service called The Crown Shell Massage (priced at MOP1380 or P7,500). Yes, it is expensive but this spa is actually one of the most luxurious spas in Macau and they’re definitely give you your money’s worth. Seriously. The Crown Spa was also awarded the Best Luxury Hotel Spa in Macau last 2011, 2012 and 2103.

Upon entering my very cozy room, these greeted me. My masseuse is a pinay and she was telling me she used to work in Singapore and the training there was different. At Crown Towers, it’s all about being rejuvenation and relaxation at its finest.

Crown Shell Massage is a combination of swedish and lomi lomi techniques and they use these heated lava shells so you can release the tension and stress of your body. It also makes your skin incredible smooth! I’ve tried hot stone massages but this is definitely one-of-a-kind. I don’t normally fall asleep during massages but I dozed off like a baby when my masseuse started massaging me.

I finished a bit earlier than everyone else so my masseuse toured me around their spa and my gosh, I felt like I was in spa heaven! This is their couple massage room (and the biggest massage room I’ve seen yet). You have a bed in the middle if you want to take a nap before or after your massage and a couch where the therapists can clean your feet.

Outside the room is yes, a pool/ jacuzzi. If you want to take a dip first, why not!

On the right side of the bed, you’ll see the massage tables and yes, you can still talk and hold hands with your loved one during the relaxing massage session (that’s if you’re not asleep haha).

Aside from the spa, they also have a salon on the same floor so if you want to drink while getting your hair cut, why not! I didn’t know you can drink inside salons.

Nail spa bar!!!!! I got so excited when I saw this area.

If you want a foot spa/foot scrub, you can sit here.

They also have wonderful spa amenities like steam rooms and this pool that’s inside the women’s locker room. If I had a free day in Macau, I’d definitely spend it here. If you want to relax and just forget about everything, this really is the place to be!

This may look like ordinary pool chairs, but they’re heated. Yup! If you don’t want to feel cold after dipping in the pool, get on this chair! I heard a lot of women love sitting here while reading a good book.

After the very relaxing spa session, we headed straight to Jade Dragon for lunch. Their chef Tam Kwok Fung makes sure that all the dishes are freshly served and cooked perfectly. Everything about this restaurant is great.

Love their interiors too!

Barbecue pork, baked turnip puff (served super soft) and tiger prawn dumpling all in one dish. The barbecue pork is so tasty and delicious!

Photo grabbed from David Guison because I wasn’t able to reach the dessert part! It’s really sad that I didn’t get to finish the entire meal because I had to go straight to the airport (which is only 5-10 minutes away from City of Dreams, by the way) to catch my flight but seriously, you have to try Jade Dragon’s dishes- they’re amazing! No wonder it’s a michelin-star restaurant.

And since I didn’t catch the dessert at Jade Dragon, the team gave me two mini boxes of macarons! Yehey! I got to eat them at the airport. I had a fantastic time at City of Dreams Macau and this trip really got me excited for City of Dreams Manila. I know it’s not going to be exactly like the one in Macau, but I’m sure it’s going to be just a luxurious and as great. I’m sure all of you guys are as excited as I am.

City of Dreams Macau is located at north east portion of the Cotai Strip (again, 5-10 minutes away from the airport).

For bookings, go to City of Dreams Macau’s website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To know more about City of Dreams Manila, check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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