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Exception Music Festival = unforgettable. I attended it last week and the experience was amazing. I’m such a music lover so I really had a blast. There were three live stages and I felt like a kid roaming around the huge area just to enjoy and not miss a good song the entire night.

With Camille. Thank you Rima Ostwani as well for the tables and drinks. Everyone- and I mean EVERYONE- had a blast.

With Bubbles Paraiso who managed to wear heels the entire time. Hands down to you, Bubbs!

Close friends: Sean Go, Camille Co, Patricia Prieto and Frank Magalona

Hat party! My sister Liz and I borrowing some of our friends’ hats and wanting them for ourselves

There were even fireworks! Ash Rye and Raymond Gutierrez fashionably late.

Okay, so I wasn’t really able to take a lot of good photos because I was too busy jumping and singing and dancing, but I tried my best. Thank you also Pat for helping me capture some shots and to Exception Music Festival for making our night epic. BMS.

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