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Easy Money

For those of you guys who don’t know it yet, I’m moving out! Yes, I’m finally transferring to my own place!!! Just merely thinking about it makes me smile and feel happy. Everyday, I’m getting more and more excited. I’m so hands on about every detail of my place- as in everything from paint color, design, layout, furniture and decors. I already started fixing and sorting the things that I’ll be bringing to my new place.

I was putting all my old items in big boxes when I noticed that I have a lot things/items I don’t use anymore. Some of them are clothes that are so pretty but I don’t get to wear them anymore, like this pair of YSL shoes. I think I only used this thrice and also this Fujifilm Instax that I barely used. As much as I want to bring all of my stuff in my new place, I know that it is not really possible because I only have limited space in my new condo.

Good thing there’s! I can really sell the stuff that I don’t use anymore through since it provides a free online classified ads portal for both buyers and sellers who are tapping the Internet community for their business transactions. You just upload your items and that’s it! It’s like earning extra cash without doing anything. I also learned that is formerly known as, a classified ads website that caters primarily to Philippine consumers. Super interesting, right? I’m sure you all have visited Sulit at least once.

Since the stuff that I rarely use is still very functional, stylish and in good condition, I’m very confident that who ever will be the next owner of my stuff will be very delighted. This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is so nice and I bought it at an expensive price but found out the store lady actually gave me the wrong laptop bag size. I only used it twice and for sure it’s still in great condition! He or she who’ll buy it can say it’s worth it! To learn more about what I’m saying you can check their website

They also have a mobile application available on iTunes and Android so it can be easier for everyone to use. Just a tip on online selling as well- try to take a good photo of the items you have. The better the photo, the more people will be interested to buy your item. Also make sure that all the details are in your post so they won’t be need to ask questions anymore. Lastly, check your account all the time, you’ll never know when a possible buyer will message you. For sure just like me, you’ll also say “I’m so grateful I learned about!”

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