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Dragon Air and Conrad

So we woke up early to go to Clark for our flight via Dragon Air (a sister company of Cathay Pacific). I honestly thought it was going to be a hassle but surprisingly, it didn’t bother me at all. Upon arriving, there was no line and the airport is very huge and clean! I mean, if you’re going to save a lot of money, then go for it. It’s actually more convenient for people who actually live in the North, no need to go to NAIA anymore.

The seats were so clean and tidy- and I love the blue + white color scheme. Ang lakas maka-sosyal! Oh, and did I mention they serve food too? If it’s a short trip, they usually serve snacks but I was able to eat a full meal. They just partnered with Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong and Man Ho restaurant of JW Marriott Hotel so their guests can eat delicious food. Grabe diba? I mean, you’re really getting more than what you pay for. Some people don’t know it, but Dragon Air is VERY convenient and affordable. They have promos too every month so better check it all the time. Dragon Air aims to ensure that its passengers’ in-flight experience is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible- and I felt it during the trip. The best part? They allow 20kg baggage allowance- no need to buy it! YES! Shopping!

The Hong Kong group! L-R: Agnes Yeung of DA, me, Citcit Sioson of PDI, Monique Buensalido of PS, Michelle Del Rosario of Buensalido PR, Anna Lee from Dragon Air/ Cathay Pacific, Clarice Ting of MB and Tracey Kwong of DA.

We were able to go to the Dragon Air head office and spotted some live tests for flight attendants. We were not allowed to take photos though as the students might get distracted. They really train all the crew hard- Did you know have been named a “caring company” by the HK Council of Social Service for seven consecutive years. You know you’re in good hands. They now cover 36 destinations in the world with 19 in mainland China. If you have the time, go experience flying via Dragon Air. You won’t reget it.

We checked in at Conrad Hotel and when I entered my room, I instantly noticed how big and spacious it was! These chocolates welcomed me and my sister. They really know how to make women happy haha. They also left a cute teddy bear on the bed. Aww…  Presentation, check!

The view from my window- absolutely breath taking! It makes me want to just stay by the window and stare at the view all day and night. The area/location is very convenient too because it’s right in Central (where all the tourists usually go to) and it’s connected to a mall that also has MTR.

We ate at one of Conrad Hotel’s restaurants called Nicholini’s. I’m sure your mouths are watering now, wait until you see the other photos below. We had a 6 course meal and dishes were truly exquisite.

From our dinner table, you can see the Symphony of Lights from afar. It’s the light show most tourists go to via ferry. Such a lovely view right? I swear Conrad Hotel has the best views!

After our dinner, we decided to go to the pool area to relax and chill for a bit. We were all able to try Shisha too. I heard Conrad throws Shisha parties every weekend and it’s such a nice and chill way to make people bond and have fun.

I really love Conrad Hotel. You really feel like you’re on a vacation- especially when you get to lie down on their beds. Every time I lie down I just feel like Bruno Mar’s “The Lazy Song” is playing and that today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed.. Haha. Cheers to my very memorable day in Hong Kong. BMS.

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