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This was a photo I took when I went to HK Disneyland last 2010 with my high school loves. It was my first time going to HK Disneyland then, and I swear- I remembered all my childhood memories. You get that feeling of excitement, thrill, adrenaline rush, amusement, and all other happy feelings all in one place. We all felt like kids running around Disneyland, having a difficult time choosing which ride to try first. It was really an unforgettable trip and this February 17-19, I am going to experience it all over again. I’m going to HK Disneyland with my friends and I’ll be staying at their hotel to further enjoy the experience. It’s really the best place to go to if you want to forget everything and just be a kid again.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort offers immersive, unique Disney experiences for all families, generations and ages to enjoy. Hong Kong is one of only five locations in the world that is home to a Disney themed park and the many Disney characters that are beloved the world over, such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Stitch and Buzz Lightyear. I also heard there’s a new Toy Story Land, so I’m pretty much excited about that too. And the best news, I can be in flats and run around like a little girl. Can’t wait to share my experience with you guys once I get there!

If you want to know more about them and want to enjoy a magical experience, click HERE.

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