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Change For The Better

Since 2013 is coming up in two days, I listed a few things I can do to change for the better. Every year, I make it a point to learn more and do more for myself and for the world. If we only open our eyes, we’ll really see so many things and opportunities out there for us. Every new people we meet, we’ll learn from them. Every new thing we buy will be useful. Life should be more appreciated, and so I’ve listed down a couple of things I can do this year, but bottom line is: my main goal is to change for the better. Taken last Christmas 2011. With my mom, my sister and adopter sisters. 1. Be more optimistic and appreciate the simple things in life. In every problem, there will always be a solution. I used to worry a lot about the littlest things, but sometimes you have to control yourself and tell yourself not to get stressed about them. God won’t give us problems if He knows we can’t handle it. Let’s appreciate every single thing that happens in our lives and always see the brighter side of everything.

weeks ago at the Tree House Day Care. 2. Give more of what I can offer to the less fortunate. Share your blessings. I believe that we should give without expecting anything in return. As long as my schedule allows it, I will try and visit charities and engage in more activities like playing with kids in orphanage and more.

diary this 2012. 3. Be healthier and live life to the fullest. I will try to have a balanced diet and give time to go to the gym and try out new sports that I’ve been wanting to try like muay thai, hip hop classes, zumba, and a lot more. Since I work a lot, this year, I also want to reward myself by seeing the world. I believe that everyone needs a vacation (we wouldn’t want to be just working for the rest of our lives, right?) Let’s give ourselves a break once in a while a travel. Like what my dad’s shirt says, “Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before.”

People always want to change for the better- better version of oneself, better relationships, better opportunities, and better choices. Better starts with small choices. Together with Alaska Krem-Top coffee creamer, people can celebrate 2013 and change for the better by starting with a better choice of coffee creamer too. You can log on to and share this with your loved ones. You can even write your resolutions there! What about you, what are some things that you want to change for the better?

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