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Can-Shaped Glasses

I received a nice package the other day…

Look at how nice the glasses are. I can’t wait to use them! This isn’t just regular Coca-Cola glasses guys, it’s the Coca-Cola and McDonald’s extra value fun glasses.

Coca-Cola (which has been Mcdo’s partner since 1955) and Mcdonalds are partnering once again so Coca-Cola fans can collect the glasses by visiting any Mcdonald’s store nationwide and adding only P25.00 to any extra value meal.

It is the first time that the can-shaped glass will be available to everyone, and in the future, can be transformed into a collector’s item. No doubt this will be another great value to be enjoyed with the purchase of your favorite meal.

As Coca-Cola celebrate their 125th anniversary this 2011, they are excited to to offer this can-shaped glass to McDonald’s consumers. BMS.

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  1. spf_ulan
    7 years ago

    I have one!!! hope can complete the set too…Very nice glass…

  2. ricellannRN
    7 years ago

    i already have the complete set..they are very cute glasses..planning to get another set to put in a display case..:)

  3. Nina Asuncion
    6 years ago

    I want the Box! I have the whole set but it would be nice if it did come in a box.=) Where do you think can we get a boxed set?


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