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Camsur Marathon 1

I attended the biggest marathon in the Philippines last week- Camsur marathon. I was so excited to run with everyone! To my surprise, I had a big banner with my name on it. Thank you for the warm welcome.

We arrived at CWC right in time to freshen up for the presscon. Thank you for coming with me Nicole Andersson, Robbie Becroft and Frank Magalona. The trip becamse 10x more fun because of you guys.. Camsur Kagulo!

We stayed at these cabins. Very home-y feeling, I must say. I love the interiors and I love the fact that they didn’t put any televisions inside the wood cabins– time to enjoy nature and Camsur.

With Nicole Andersson. Btw, I didn’t get any sleep at all because I finished My Binondo Girl taping at 6:30am and went straight to the airport after.

Runrio talked about the marathon. Gov Lray in the middle.

21,000 people joined in the 3km, 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km marathon. What’s nice about it is for every person who joined, they’re going to plant 10 trees– meaning they’re going to be planting 210,000 trees.

The hosts for the event.

Calltime for the 3k marathon was 5am and we took a jeep going to the starting line. It was so fun!

I think this was our warning sign that Pedring’s about to come.

By 6:00am, we were already there. Gun shot was at 7am, so we all decided to stay there and wait.

9,000 people joined the 3k marathon. Look at all the people already waiting at 6am. Wow!

Robbie Becroft and Frank Magalona- their version of waiting.

Look at the difference when the people found out it was 6:30am already. They wanted to run right away!

6:59:30, people weren’t at the starting line. By 6:59:50, everyone ran and didn’t wait for the gunshot anymore. Atat!

Spotted: Tessa Prieto. She did the 21k run wearing this.

I had so much fun running with all these people!

Wait for my 2nd part. BMS.

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