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So I was lucky enough that the weather wasn’t extremely cold this day in Ningbo so I didn’t have to layer clothes anymore. I really love this Lemon Shop top because of the studded collar and the shoulder cut outs. It looks so trendy and classy at the same time- ironic right? I really lucked out when I found this top online before I left for China. I will never stop saying this- I love shopping online. The gold necklaces + silver studs make a great combination too! Wearing this top was perfect because I buttoned it all the way up so my neck won’t feel cold. To make it look extraordinary, I wore this furry hat and boy did I love it. Now I’m gonna start collection hats like this. BMS.

Btw, thank you Dad for taking my photos! Hahaha. Effort di ba!

H&M hat 
Lemon Shop top 
Mauve necklaces
Dolce and Gabbana bag
Zara leggings 
Crocs flats

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