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What’s in my bag? People have asked me so many times, “What’s inside your bag?” so I’m sharing it with you now.

My bag has so many things inside it- Globe Tattoo for unlimited wifi anywhere, lipsticks (I am obsessed with lipsticks), vitamin C, sunnies, etc- and I have three more little pouches inside my big bag. Yes, I am OC.

My random kit- I’ve lotions, alcohol, perfume, band aid, and more inside. Cleanliness is a must!

My make up kit. I have all the things I need for emergency, if there’s a sudden party I’ve to attend, etc.

My dental kit. I always need to feel fresh every time I go out and talk to people. Swish is definitely my favorite because in case of emergencies, I can always depend on it.

Having a small business, having a blog and joining the cast of ‘My Binondo Girl’ are some of my proud moments. When you’re confident and when you have perseverance, you can do whatever you want and make it happen. These are memorable and happening moments- After all, live life while you’re still young, right? You have to be constantly showing fresh looks with fresh style. When you’re fresh, it’s not only your style that needs to look fresh, but you need to feel fresh as well- that’s how Swish helped be more confident when I talk and mingle with people. Swish gives me fresh breath because it has Surefresh technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria and since its alcohol free, its more enjoyable to gargle, anytime I want to be ready for that Swish moment.

..and because Swish and I love you guys, I will be holding another contest. Just share your experience with Swish and win! The prize for the best answer will receive a snakeskin bag and a fabulous clutch from Aranaz worth Php10,000!

How to join:
1. Like/ RT this post
2. Like SWISH on Facebook
3. Like my Facebook fan page
4. Answer this question:
>“How about you, when you need to be ready, how do you step up and show them you can?”
>**Share a moment when you had to step up. How did you do it? How did you feel after? 
5. Like/ Post your entry (70 words or less) HERE

Join now and win these classy bags from Aranaz! BMS.
**Contest period from October 19-November 9, 2011.


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  1. Alexandrine Delfin
    7 years ago

    “How about you, when you need to be ready, how do you step up and show them you can?”
    – I’m a shy person. But, when i need to be ready I stand out from others. I show them that even though I’m a shy person I can do things I don’t usually do. I keep silent and slowly think of the right things to do and deciding quickly. Because I believe in myself, it is the only way to succeed 🙂

  2. nea
    7 years ago

    I’m a type of person that always gets nervous when it comes to performing and speaking but then i have to deal with it.I need to be ready anytime.Surprise them with my unexpected performance and deliberation.Show them that I can stand on my own.I can prove them whatever task they can give me i make sure that i’m always with my God.God is the key to make my plants grow.Key to make everything possible. 😀

  3. Costin Daniela
    7 years ago

    gfc: costin daniela
    fb: danyela costin
    e-mail: [email protected]

  4. DNA (designers+artists)
    7 years ago

    I applaud you for carrying band-aids, I always forget, but it’s always a must-have necessity. Especially if you wear fabulous shoes with heels around town.

  5. IamBea
    7 years ago

    I remember the time during one of my close-friends wedding that I accidentally became a wedding organizer. One of the people in-charge at that time cannot make it to the wedding due to family emergency. I’ve got the shocked of my life when my best-friends asked me if I could step-in and be in-charge of guests arriving and coming in the venue. I answered a big no and said that I cannot do it for they know me as a a very shy and quiet person, and doesn’t even mind being a wallflower as long as I’m far from people stare and glances. I am so pathetic and fell humiliated approaching people I didn’t known, but seeing the helplessness on my best-friend face I know that they didn’t had much choice then and besides I’m the only one closest friend to them at that time. I was nearly in tears for being guilty and knowing that this is the most important day that they needed me the most, but here I was resisting their need for help just because of my pathetic fears in crowd.
    So upon realizing the importance of that day to one of my friends, I’ve took up the courage and went to the front door, stand there, smile as sweet as I could and helped the guests find their seat, trying hard to hid my nervousness. I’ve even made new friends and for the first time chatted confidently without looking for someone familiar to accompanied me. And Gosh! Eve even had the courage to stand at the center of the crowd wishing the bride. Iv felt very proud of myself that day, being able to help and done the things I thought I couldn’t. I am glad that I’ve took the challenge cause from that day forward my confidence became high, my insecurities gone, and I was able to came out of my comfort zone. Now I always say’s to myself, that really ‘Impossible is Nothing’, and if you really want something God is up there helping and guiding you to achieve it.

  6. MiSyth
    7 years ago

    “How about you, when you need to be ready, how do you step up and show them you can?”
    If in any circumstance the situation demands me to be ready? I would always gather up my confidence and think positively. Of course, making ourselves ready is the main key. So every morning it’s as if I’m taking the shower of my life, fully pampered, and make my self ready for any unexpected events, cause you might never know what bumps in to you. And there are times that I find my self exuding with confidence I didn’t know I had it within me.

  7. JhairaV
    7 years ago

    When I need to be ready, the first thing that I will do is to pause and think of things that can benefit not only me but also those people around me. Most of people right now are in to making instant decisions w/out thinking what would the result be if they will do this or that. I’d rather go AGAINST THE FLOW and STAND OUT by being POSITIVELY DIFFERENT .

  8. hanie vessa
    7 years ago

    1. Like/ RT this post!/hanie2009/status/129934515824111617
    2. Liked SWISH on Facebook via Hanie Vessa Eguia
    3. Liked Facebook fan page via Hanie Vessa Eguia
    4. Answer this question:
    “How about you, when you need to be ready, how do you step up and show them you can?”

    – When I need to speak up and stand up for something, I make sure I am on the right path and that I gargled using swish:). An incident happened in NAIA and caused me a lot of trouble. We were supposed to fly via CEBU pac CDO to SG but then we were off loaded due to passport expiration etc. We stayed in a hotel in Manila, because we thought and the CEB staffs told us that our return ticket is still good.But when we checked in for our return flight, they told us that our ticket is not valid anymore and we need to buy a new one. I talked to the cebu pac personnel and I stepped up and fought for my right.
    Right now, I am still in the process of filing a complaint.

    This incident serves as a reminder to me that I need to speak up whenever I know im in the right side.

  9. notyourordinaryteacher
    7 years ago

    done with all the steps:

    1. Liked this post, SWISH and your fanpage on FB (my username is cholo chavez)
    2.RT this post:!/quiam/status/130789574598344704
    3. answer to question:
    This is what I did to prepare for a job interview for a managerial position at work:
    S-showed my credentials to the bosses,
    W-worked with my mentor to monitor my progress,
    I-introduced myself to my co-workers from the department heads to the janitors to build networks,
    S-studied the company really well to prepare for the possible questions,
    H-had a good gargle with Swish mouthwash for a boost of confidence.

    [email protected]

  10. corrine
    7 years ago

    done and joined

  11. kjarn ibarra
    7 years ago

    done !

    1) post -liked
    2) swish-liked
    3) laureen uy fan page -liked.(long time ago)
    4)answered the question with the facebook user name.,”inang bayan”

    5) entry posted(exactly 70 words)

    iloveyou laureen !

    [email protected]

    *crossed fingers

  12. Crystal Cruz
    7 years ago

    gfc: Crystal Cruz
    fb: Crystal Cruz
    e-mail:[email protected]

    Done answering your question as Crystal Cruz


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