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BMS x Swish Givaway (CLOSED)

What’s in my bag? People have asked me so many times, “What’s inside your bag?” so I’m sharing it with you now.

My bag has so many things inside it- Globe Tattoo for unlimited wifi anywhere, lipsticks (I am obsessed with lipsticks), vitamin C, sunnies, etc- and I have three more little pouches inside my big bag. Yes, I am OC.

My random kit- I’ve lotions, alcohol, perfume, band aid, and more inside. Cleanliness is a must!

My make up kit. I have all the things I need for emergency, if there’s a sudden party I’ve to attend, etc.

My dental kit. I always need to feel fresh every time I go out and talk to people. Swish is definitely my favorite because in case of emergencies, I can always depend on it.

Having a small business, having a blog and joining the cast of ‘My Binondo Girl’ are some of my proud moments. When you’re confident and when you have perseverance, you can do whatever you want and make it happen. These are memorable and happening moments- After all, live life while you’re still young, right? You have to be constantly showing fresh looks with fresh style. When you’re fresh, it’s not only your style that needs to look fresh, but you need to feel fresh as well- that’s how Swish helped be more confident when I talk and mingle with people. Swish gives me fresh breath because it has Surefresh technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria and since its alcohol free, its more enjoyable to gargle, anytime I want to be ready for that Swish moment.

..and because Swish and I love you guys, I will be holding another contest. Just share your experience with Swish and win! The prize for the best answer will receive a snakeskin bag and a fabulous clutch from Aranaz worth Php10,000!

How to join:
1. Like/ RT this post
2. Like SWISH on Facebook
3. Like my Facebook fan page
4. Answer this question:
>“How about you, when you need to be ready, how do you step up and show them you can?”
>**Share a moment when you had to step up. How did you do it? How did you feel after? 
5. Like/ Post your entry (70 words or less) HERE

Join now and win these classy bags from Aranaz! BMS.
**Contest period from October 19-November 9, 2011.


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