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Blue Water Sumilon Getaway

Welcome to the beautiful Sumilon Island. I hope my photos will make you want to visit this place someday.. or very very soon. If you’re a beach lover, you definitely would want to go here. We stayed at Blue Water Sumilon Resortand I’ve experienced relaxation and adventure combined. We took a plane going to Dumaguete and from there, you’ll be taking a boat that’s around 40 minutes going to this beautiful island. You can also take a flight going to Cebu and it will be around 3 hours car ride then boat ride going to the island. Don’t worry, once you get off the plane, someone will assist you all throughout the way.

Say hello to our villa (far left). That’s where me and my friends stayed for two nights.

This is our big room. We were greeted by fruits and juices to make us cool and refreshed. Right beside this couch is a flat screen TV. I also love our view- it’s so relaxing to look at. Oh, and can I just add- our bathroom is so huge (and amazing) too!

They have so many nice areas that’s perfect for outfit shots! I wish I brought more clothes with me.

They have all these nice areas that you can go to and sports that you can try like kayak, trekking, snorkelling etc. These activities are all in Sumilon Island so you won’t have waste time traveling from one island to another to do everything.

Some of my summer must-haves to keep your skin looking great.

Super super love my Vetus Shop cover up. I want to bring it to all my beach trips!

Their relaxing beach area aside from the sand bar. I love the small huts where you can leave all your bags so that you’ll know where you left your items. It’s a long walking strip too so if you want to “moony moony” and be romantic by the shore, go ahead!

My favorite spot: their massage area that has the best view ever. If you want calm and relaxation at its finest, get a massage here. You can opt to have one inside your room too if you don’t want it outdoors but hey, why not here and appreciate this breathtaking view, right?

They also have picture perfect sunsets by the sand bar.

Here’s the best seat you can take to watch the sun go down. During my stay, I’d sit here every 5:30pm and just watch the sky from white turn to baby blue to pink to orange and it’s just amazing.

Blue Water Sumilon Resort, you guys are awesome. I can’t wait to show you guys more photos about my Sumilon Island experience. BMS.

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