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Sneak Peek: My Living Room

best bladeless fan dyson air multiplier

This is it! I finally moved in my new place! I can’t believe it- and since a reader suggested I do a sneak peek of my space, I’m doing a feature on my living room. If you’ve read my blog entry about renovation and furniture(you can read it here), then you must know I’m super hands on with everything. Together with my cousin (who’s an interior decorator), we went to tons of home furniture shops just to find the perfect pieces for my place. I was able to score some nice vintage finds too!

best bladeless fan dyson air multiplier

Truth is, there are some items you need in your condo that can be an eye sore, like electric fans. They’re big and they can be a distraction. Sadly, all houses/condos need them because let’s be practical, you really don’t want to see a huge amount of numbers on your electricity bill just because you use air conditioning 24/7. Good thing there’s Dyson Air Multiplier Fan. Yep, that white, round thing is one stylish fan that will make your place look even more chic.

best bladeless fan dyson air multiplier

This Dyson Fan uses Air Multiplier technology instead of blades to propel air. Unlike the blades on conventional electric fans that literally chop the air causing unpleasant buffeting, the Dyson fan is accelerated through an annular aperture set within the loop amplifier. It amplifies the air 15 times, expelling 405 litres of cool, smooth and quiet air every second. They actually have it in different sizes, but I chose this one because it’s very handy.

best bladeless fan dyson air multiplier

The best thing for me (aside from it looking extremely chic) is that it’s bladeless. It’s very safe, especially if you have kids at home- not that I have one. Hahaha. I can even put my hands inside and I won’t feel a thing, except cool and breezy air. No blades = peace and quiet. I also use it in my bedroom because when the air-conditioning gets too cold, this keeps the room cool with no noise at all.

No blades also means no grilles- and it’s very simple to clean. Seriously, just wipe it with a piece of cloth and you’re done! I can still remember how hard it is to clean old electric fans by removing the grille and wiping each blade/wing one by one. Bye bye to that! And because its motor is at the bottom, the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan can be tilted with a single touch so it can reach the areas you want to. This also has an oscillation control. All you have to do is hold it steady, pull the toggle and watch it judder.

I’ve already invested in a lot of time, effort and money to make my place look nice- and I’m sure you guys feel the same thing too. I’m telling you, this fan is definitely worth the purchase.

The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan costs from P19,950- P22,000 and is available at Dyson Concept Store in Century City Mall, Makati, Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La and other electronic retailers.

For further information, please contact 09172711543 and 7274092/ 7226587 or email Visit their website for other product details.BMS.

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