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I remember seeing Kelly Misa’s Pond’s TVC back when I was in high school and I also remember staring at the television and telling myself, “I want to be a Pond’s girl when I grow up”. Okay, so I really wasn’t the prettiest kid on the block- no, let me correct myself, I was probably the ugliest kid on the block. I was a geek in grade school and got bullied a lot. My hair was short, my teeth were apart and I was so tiny that guys (and girls) would always pick on me and would call me names. I will not tell you the entire story because it’s not a good one, but I knew I had a dream and being part of an inspirational campaign was one of them. I wanted to be part of the Pond’s family because I wanted to influence teens out there, and I never thought that a dream this big could actually come true! Here I am shooting for Pond’s with sixteen of the Philippines’ most admired ladies today including Charlene Gonzales, Julia Barretto, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Heart Evangelista, Cheska Kramer and the newest endorser, Toni Gonzaga. These are some BTS photos from my shoot. We were divided into three groups since Pond’s couldn’t shoot all seventeen girls one day. Everyone shared their journey in life and each story is just simply heart warming. The videos aren’t uploaded yet but I’ll do another blog post once it’s up! Each and everyone of us has a story to tell on how we dealt with getting bullied and how we transformed/ bloomed into someone better and greater (you can check out Toni Gonzaga’s video HERE). Pond’s wants you to share your story to all the girls out there. Let’s all inspire each other to be the best we can be. Discover the #BeautifulStory behind every beautiful face and I’m sure you’ll discover yours too! If you have a story to share, go to Pond’s website and we’d love to know about it. BMS.

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