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I love wearing casual clothes! I feel like I’m so free! My mom used to tell me it’s bad to wear heels all the time but I never listened to her because of my height insecurities. Now that I’m older though and have tons of errands and shoots everyday, I’m beginning to like wearing flats. I feel like I can do so many things when I’m in flats! I got this matching denim tote and flats from And Brand PH and I love how it mixed well with my entire look. I’ve never tried combining denim and camouflage together- they look surprisingly superb! When I know I’ll be out the whole day working, I make sure I bring a big bag with me, so I can put all my important things inside. I also make sure I’m inspired all the time, that’s why I like wearing this time capsule necklace from August 8. Everything that I love doing and that inspires me is in this little capsule- dressing up, music, traveling, etc. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile and continue working with a passion. You can have your own time capsule too and have it personalized based on your interests.

(August 8 time capsule necklace, Kashieca top, Jord Wood Watch, vintage jacket, Crossings shorts, And Brand PHbag and flats)

(Nina Ricci clutch from $2,800 now $543. Chanel necklace, Christian Dior bag, Jimmy Choo shoes from $1024 now $543)

Also I just want to share with you guys my new discovery. Oftentimes I am asked where I find the clothes that I wear in all my posts- and the answer is that it really depends. Sometimes I find nice items in the mall, in a vintage shop but most of the time, I find them online. Recently, I stumbled upon a luxury website called Muchness. It’s for stylish people to find designer items at a discounted price- and when I say discount, I mean it. They have items that go down as low as 70% off! Check out these items I spotted on their website that’s a sure steal!

On Muchness, you can customize your own shopping homepage by following your favorite designer brands, which makes it easier to never miss when your favorite shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti goes on-sale. I love that they carry some of my favourite brands like Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang to name a few. I know it gets tricky to look like a million dollars but not spend a million dollars, so I hope you enjoy my shopping tip! For sure you’ll get to save a lot of money because of Muchness. Fun fact: the company headquartered in New York City has a Filipino-American on their executive team and he created a special early access code just for my readers. Click here and enjoy! BMS.

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