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Bath Junkies

Did you know that every child that is born have at least 150+ chemicals in their body? I’m sure you’re wondering how- it’s because almost all the stuff we use now have chemicals. Our make up, soap, lotion, perfume, etc all have chemicals and our skin absorbs it once we use it. Let me introduce you to Bath Junkies– a natural and non toxic bath products that lightens, smoothens and nourishes skin effectively and naturally.

Bath Bars. Choose your own favorite scent! Days of Summerhas a hint of calamansi, rosemary and ginger to create a sense of optimism in your day. Pink Party has a scent of grapefruit and 100% citrus euphoria. Feel alive with Minty Groove with refreshing ingredients like spearmint, honey and oatmeal. Green Revolution is made with 100% natural ingredients and verbana leaves to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Strawberry Samba is packed with apricot seeds and natural vitamin C to help bring your true radiance to the surface. Lastly, this Peace of Mind filled with lavender and rosemary will keep you stress free all day.

Body Scrub. Don’t you just love the feeling of your skin entirely smooth and soft? That’s what I feel every time I get a body scrub. Divine Decadence is a blissful orange mandarin scrub that help resurface scruffy skin with a citrus feel. This Strawberry Samba makes you reveal your softer side in this sweet blend of strawberry and apricot seeds. Both of them will definitely make your skin glow naturally.

Deodorant, facial cleanser and toner. The cleanser and toner have premium anti-aging formulation and will lighten, smoothen and nourish your face. The toner, formulated with bearberry/ avocado and this foaming cleanser formulated with skin-clearing ingredients/ cooling mint will help minimize your pores and instantly reduce shine and remove excess oil. Now I don’t even have to explain the whitening deo anymore- it’s all in the label.

Love Potions. Yes, you always have to step out of your house smelling fresh all the time. Divine Decadence, made from various natural aromatic concoctions, will help rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Filled with grapefruit and 100% citrus euphoria, laugh and let go of your problems when you wear Pink Party! If you want a “just got out of the shower” fresh smell, go for Happy Haze.

If you ‘re going to ask my what my faves are- here. Oh, and did I tell you they’re worth P100.00-P250.00 only?
For more information, click HERE or email them at BMS.

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