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Bali: Batik Gallery + Monkey Forest

And my Balinese adventure continues! We went around Ubud and visited Sari Amerta Batik Factory and Monkey Forest– both very famous tourist destinations in Bali. Ubud is probably a 45-minute drive from where we stayed (Seminyak) but the trip was worth it. They say Ubud is one of Bali’s major arts and culture centres and I wish we could’ve stayed there longer.

Sari Amerta Batik sells batik products. Batik is a cloth with prints and designs made out of manual wax-resist dyeing. Just imagine a clean white fabric being drawn and you’ll really be surprised with all the finished products. Batik is made by drawing dots and lines with a tool called acanting.

They remove the wax by dipping it in boiling water and voila! You can see the final product. They have many batik galleries around the world but Bali is the most popular one. As I was watching them design the batiks, I was so amazed. I can’t ever do anything like this my entire life! I have to give it to the artisans- they’re incredibly talented!

Here are some of the works they’ve done so far.

Next stop: Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest. Okay, to be honest, Kryz, Camille and I were supposed to back out last minute! Hahaha. We’re such scared-y cats. While we were paying for the entrance fee, we already saw a lot of monkeys from afar and we could hear some kids scream. That scared the hell out of us. Good thing we pushed through because it was one hell of an experience!

Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and temple complex and I didn’t know about this until now but apparently there are four groups of monkeys each occupying different territories in the park.

We saw a monkey steal a little girl’s bag and went up a tall tree to check what’s inside the girl’s bag. The poor little kid kept crying and screaming until the monkey threw the bag from the tree.

Moments before this monkey tried to attack Camille and I. Not kidding. We were trying to get a picture beside him and he literally opened this mouth, made this scary sound and grabbed Camille’s bag and camera. I also had a heart attack. After that, he started eating again like nothing happened. Smart.

This statue can definitely beat me in posing! Lol.

After the incident, I was so scared to go near the monkeys but one of the people in charge of taking care of the monkeys there told me they were harmless. He then gave me shredded corns on my palm and this very friendly monkey approached me! Yay!

Inside the Monkey Forest contains the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal temple.

Of course, my visit won’t be complete without dropping by the souvenir shops again. I got to buy a lovely decor for my new place. I swear, I’m addicted to buying home decor now. More Bali travel photos soon! BMS.

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