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Back when I was in college, I used to wear heels all the time- and all the time means every single day. Looking back, how did I do it?! It’s freaking impossible!!! I guess I just love fashion too much and it’s really looks over comfort for me, but if you were to ask me my best advice now? Wear something fashionable and comfortable at the same time! If you really want to wear heels, wear booties that aren’t too high (Primadonna has a nice collection of double strap sandals). If I were a student again and didn’t have a dress code in school, I’d wear something like this- except the cropped top wouldn’t be a cropped top. I used to bring my laptop all the time in school since I took up Integrated Marketing Communication in UA&P and we needed to do a lot of artworks for class. It was always so hard for me to carry my laptop everywhere- you really need a bag for it too. If you’re not too experimental with prints, you’d definitely want to get this laptop bag from Hawk. It has all the compartments for chargers, pens, etc. It also has a foam on the shoulder area so you won’t feel that the strap is hurting your shoulder. I chose a black colour so it can match all my outfits!

(vintage top, ATW Clothing jacket House of Eva jumper, Max XL watch, Hawk laptop bag, Acne booties)

I also got the chance to visit their store in Market Market that day and boy did I see a lot of colourful and cute back packs that’s perfect for students who need big bags. I remember having my own Hawk bag when I was in high school and it really made my life easier because I can fit all my books inside my bag.

They’ve bags that only have one solid colour and the others are printed and multi-colored. The pocket outside the bag is helpful. You can put the smaller things like pencil cases, chargers, notebooks, etc there.

Every single detail counts. I love their personalized Hawk zippers!

I can’t use this anymore, but I love their strollers for kids! You can even put a water jug on the side.

One of my favourite backpacks from their store. I love the triple colour combination! The zipper is uneven and I love it’s unique style.

Black is back. Well, it really never went away lol. This one caught my attention even if it wasn’t on display. I’m still in love with neons and this one is just too cute!

I also got this one from them- it’s an alternative if you want a backpack as your laptop case instead of the one I chose above. It’s so sleek and easy to bring anywhere. Visit their Facebook page for more designs! BMS.

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