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People often ask me, “How do you manage to travel so much and not get sick?” It’s funny because sakitin talaga ako growing up— I would always be the one getting a fever and my friends would always joke around and tell me to get away from them so won’t catch the flu (I know they’re not going, by the way). I guess I just learned how to prevent getting sick. Yes, drinking multivitamins is one way, but that’s a given. What people take for granted is hygiene. We think that once we’ve taken a shower and when we wash our hands every now and then, we’re fine—but we’re not. Many infectious diseases are transmitted by touch, that’s why it’s very important to keep your hands clean and germs free all the time.

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer 2

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer 3

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer 4

I bring my Belo Baby Hands Sanitizer with me to all my trips because it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. If I know I’ll be out and about the entire day, I make sure to spritz some on my hand every now and then. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals too! They have three variants and my favourite is the green apple scent because it smells so fresh and light. We all have very active lifestyles and engage in a lot of things everyday— it’s best to take good care of your hygiene.

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer 5

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer 7

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer 6

Yes, it’s for everyone of any age, not just babies. With its scent and usefulness, I’m surprised it’s only P49.75! For more information about these products, you can visit and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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