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Are You Really a 5-Star Hotel?

Okay, I don’t normally post negativity on my blog, but I just had to share my experience with Edsa Shangri-la Hotel last week.
Me and my sister checked in last week at Edsa Shangri-la because we wanted to relax and enjoy the last few days of holy week.
I’ll share it by category- my mild, angry and what the hell (WTH) reactions:

1. The Rooms: We asked for a suite connecting to a normal room. So they let us wait and wait because they said they were fixing the rooms- and they gave us two normal rooms that are not connecting. We complained and they finally gave us two connecting normal rooms and a basket of chocolates (thank you for the apology basket). Not what we asked for but we got it anyway.
2. The toilet bowl: I don’t even know how to describe it. So old school.
3. The TV (this is bordering from mild to angry now): The other room had a flat screen TV while we had a normal TV. Really, Edsa- Shangri-la? At least invest on your television- after all, you are a five-star hotel right? I felt like I was back in the 90’s!
Moving on to the nest category- ANGRY:
4. Cleanliness: When we entered to room, we saw a piece of pita bread on the floor that they forgot to clean up. WOW.
5. TV connection: I was actually already pissed that night, so I wanted to relax and just watch a movie and found a channel playing Blind Side. Right in the middle of the movie, the cable got shut down. TWICE. We called to ask what happened and they just said they didn’t know either.
6. Pay per view: So we decided to just pay and watch a movie so we didn’t have to be disturbed by the cable and voila- they didn’t have pay per view. How can a hotel not have pay per view??
7. Room Service: They weren’t efficient at all. Hotels are all about service, don’t you agree?

It made me think twice if Edsa Shangri-la Hotel is really a five-star hotel. The only good thing about that night is they had fast and free internet.

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