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Amsterdam Travel Diary

#TheTrio and I just had to end our Europe trip in nowhere but Amsterdam! I think all of us agree on it being one of our favorite places on Earth with its quaint and picturesque scenery. I already talked about my lookbook in my last post here, so now let’s get to the actual trip!

Kryz, Camille, Nana, and I had just come from Berlin and funny story—there was a little problem with our hotel booking and we ended up not having a room when we arrived. So when we got to the airport we spent a lot of time looking for a hotel that fit our requirements. Plus, it was peak season so almost everywhere was full! Thankfully though, we got lucky and managed to find the perfect place; it was right in the city center. Phew! What a way to start the trip. Lol.

A real mood-lifter that day were the cute little street parties we stumbled upon while strolling the streets. Turns out, there was a street festival that happens only once a year. They closed down all the streets in that area and all the nearby cafes and restos pitched in to make the event happen. It was awesome and everyone was so friendly—we ended up having a lot of fun together and the little bump in the road was completely forgotten.

Just us goofing around together. Yup, some things never change!

After that, we just continued roaming around the pretty streets. Amsterdam makes me want to have a pink vespa of my own too!

Shoutout to Nana for being our tour guide this whole trip! It wouldn’t have been this awesome without her.

Here’s us having brunch at Cafe George—they have really good steak frites!

Great food, great service, great vibe. You guys should check it out when you’re in Amsterdam; it’s such a pretty place for brunchin’.

The rest of the day was pretty chill, we roamed around the peaceful nooks and crannies of Amsterdam, enjoying the picturesque scenes.

I mean imagine waking up to this view everyday!

We all headed over to Lotti’s Cafe, Bar & Grill for some cocktails and refreshing. Here are some of the fun tita drinks we had! Lol.

Although I didn’t take any photos of the food (because I was too busy eating it lol), one of the best meals I’ve ever had this whole trip was at The Duchess; everything was so delicious! My favorite was the zucchini salad, but the mushroom risotto definitely came in second. Will surely be coming back for more someday.

For day 2, we had lunch at this beautiful farm-to-table restaurant called De Kas. It was in the middle of a park and they grew everything organically. We had an all-vegetarian course and although it was a bit pricey, they were quality dishes! It’s alright to leave some room for a bit of splurging in your travels every now and then. Oh and it’s a beautiful spot to catch the 10PM sunset too.

If you want a cool place to chill at then De Hallen (or the food hall) should definitely be on your list!

Every corner was instagrammable and they had this neat pool where you can just hang out. Their drinks were pretty good too!

Another thing I love about Amsterdam are the flowers everywhere!

You’ll be surrounded by a colorful rainbow of flowers: violet hyacinths, pink crocuses, tons of tulips, and yellow daffodils. I couldn’t take my eyes off them!

Expect to stumble upon unique finds at every corner too! You’ll go crazy with so many souvenirs to choose from at different stores.

We ended the trip lounging on the daybeds at the beach bar. It may not look like it, but it was freezing cold! It was the best way to really breathe Amsterdam in and take in its entirety one last time though.

That’s about it! It was such an amazing trip and something I will never forget. I can’t thank Nana enough for being the best tour guide and roomy! Stay tuned for more travels with my besties soon, hopefully when we’re not too busy anymore.

Also, I actually ate so much during this trip! If you guys wanna see more of our Amsterdam Foodtrip, you can watch my vlog. Leave some love in the comments below.x

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  1. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses
    2 years ago

    Sounds like you had an amazing time! Amsterdam is such a gorgeous city!

    I hope you have a great Wednesday,

  2. rochellmher
    2 years ago

    i got more curious about amsterdam after reading this. 💐

  3. DAWN
    2 years ago

    Never been so in love with Amsterdam since The Fault in Our Stars days. Now you make me fell in love with it even moooooreeee 💖

    Love you! xoxo


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