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BTS: All Things Hair

When I was a kid, my mom would always play with my hair. Always. I remember having different hair styles everyday in kindergarten and until now, my friends still remembers me as that girl. I wish it was like that until now- I hope I can just wake up every morning and my mom would just fix my hair so I can go out of the house looking all pretty. Unfortunately, things like that don’t happen anymore. If I can just afford a hair and make up stylist of my own, I would- but you know what, why pay when you can fix your hair yourself, make it look so nice that other people will think you came out of a parlour everyday? All Thing Hair (ATH). If you’re addicted to DIY hair styles, ATH will be your best friend. It originated in UK and now, Philippines also made a website focusing on hair tutorial videos so everyone can look their best when going to school, a party, an important occasion, etc. I’m so happy to be one of their ambassadress together with the Younghusbands, Nicole Andersson, Kelly Misa and Angela Nepomuceno. I was browsing Youtube once and I got so surprised I saw our faces on their banner ad! You can watch our videos HERE. Below is my favourite hair tutorial that I did. Hope you’ll be interested enough to actually watch the other videos too! BMS.

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